Posted on: June 18, 2009 4:32 pm

QOTD 6/18/09 Overused Messageboard Phrases

What message board phrase do you believe is most overused?  Especially on this site. When I come on this site and read the message boards, I see a lot of the same phrases repeated and it really annoys me.  The one in particular is "Lost a lot of respect for".  I mean any time a player does 1 thing wrong, everyone loses respect for him.  For example, pictures surface of the Penguins with the cup in the pool and everyone is "I lost all the respect I had for the Penguins organization".  It is just funny how some people overuse that phrase.

Sorry for the short post today and lack of post yesterday, the power went out after a big storm and am in kind of a big rush.
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