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QOTD 6/22/09 NHL Players Alternate Profession

What profession do you think any NHL players would have if they were not in the NHL?  Can be serious, as a joke, or a combination of both Here are a few players that I think could be successful in other professions:
  • Sidney Crosby- Politician.  Ever see one of his interviews?  If you have, you know why.  He tells you what you want to hear.
  • Jarkko Ruutu- Soccer player.  THIS video shows why, great soccer skills shown.
  • Sean Avery- Fashion designer.  He does have a love for "womens clothing" as he said in this ESPN interview.
  • Alexander Ovechkin- Geico commercial guy.  "So easy, a caveman can do it"
  • Maxime Talbot- Actor. EXIBIT A and EXIBIT B .  Nothing else really needs to be said.
  • Zdeno Chara- Basketball player.  Has the height for it, not sure if he can actually play though.
  • Scott Hartnell- Clown, no suit needed! (sorry, forgot about him during the original post, so I edited it and added him)
What does everyone else think?  And I know either a Flyers or Capitals fan will post this, so "Crosby should be an olympic diver/swimmer haha".  There, happy? 

Also, if you have any videos of why the player could do that profession, it would make it a lot better!

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QOTD 6/21/09 NHL Rule Changes

What rule changes would you like to see the NHL make? Every offseason, the NHL makes a few rule changes to the game.  Last offseason they changed a few things:
  • After a penalty, the next faceoff automatically starts in the team that commits the penalties zone.
  • Making any contact while racing for an icing call must be for the sole purpose of playing the puck and not eliminating the opponent from playing the puck, and a penalty will be assessed if you break this rule
  • If a shot goes off of post or crossbar, the faceoff will happen inside the zone instead of it coming out like it used to.
All three of those rules I agree with, they help the safety of the players and can help increase scoring.

This offseason, I have a few things I would like to see changed:
  • Get rid of the "trapizoid".  I just think it stupid.  If you have a goalie that is good at puck handling, he shouldn't be restricted from playing it.  This is like saying defensman like Mike Green or Kris Letang can't come past the top of the circles in the offensive zone, its stupid.
  • Get rid of the instigator penalty.  I think we can all agree with this one and no real explination is needed.
  • Change the rule on diving, if a player dives, he is the only one that goes off.  No tripping penalty or something else to go along with the dive, I mean what will stop people from diving if the worst thing that will happen is a 4 on 4?  Also, they need to start actually calling the obvious dives.
Those are the only 3 things I really think need change as of right now, but there is also talk about making the goalie pads smaller or increasing the net size.  I am 100% against makin the net smaller, but if they do decide to start making the goalie pads smaller, they shouldn't do it all at once.  Make them a little bit smaller each year until they get to their desired size so that the goalies do not feel overwelmed going from their current pads to much smaller ones.  I wouldn't be totally against this, it would increase scoring and look at the goalie pads from the 80's to the pads of today , big difference.

What rule changes would you suggest the NHL make for the upcoming season?

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QOTD 6/15/09 Favorite NHL playoff moment

What was your favorite moment from the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs? For me, my obvious choice would be the Penguins winning the cup, which it is.  I absolutely can't get enough of watching them lift the cup.  Here are some of my other favorites:
  • Talbot's SHH after fighting Daniel Carcillo in game 6. VIDEO .  The score was 3-0 Flyers at the time, and this fight turned the game around.  The Penguins scored around a minute later, and ended up winning the game 5-3 and clinched the series.
  • THIS Max Talbot interview.  Well, the part where he talks about THIS goal.  Basically Talbot gets one of the luckiest goals of the playoffs, but has some fun with it in the post game interview!
  • Beating two of our biggest rivals (Flyers and Capitals ) in consecutive series.  I absolutely dispise both of these teams, and beating them to win the cup makes it that much sweeter.
  • Evgeni Malkin 's nice backhand goal against the Hurricanes .  Not many guys can shoot a backhander like this. VIDEO
  • The Ducks beating the Red Wings 4-3 in triple OT with a goal from Todd Marchant .  Playoff OT NHL games are the best, nothing else like them.  This was an amazing game that an unknown won the game. VIDEO
  • The Scott Walker goal in OT to win the series against the Bruins .  This usually wouldn't mean much, but it was his first career NHL playoff goal and it was after finding out his wife has cancer.  That goal was definitly dedicated to her.
  • THIS save on Alexander Ovechkin by Marc-Andre Fleury .  If flower doesn't make this save, we could be looking at either a Capitals or Red Wings stanley cup champion, and who wants that Tongue out ?
Those are a few of my favorites, what are yours?

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