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What do you think?

Okay, so I think this season has been amazing. Fun, exciting, nerveracking, and at times, just downright crazy. So I ask, what do you thing about the 08/09 season? I thuroughly enjoyed the season. IT is a tight race in the West between two superpowers and several teams who gained incredable players at the deadline and Vancovers aquisition of Mats Sundin. I didnt follow the East much but Brodeur's amazing return and Bostons recent lack.



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 Okay, I did one of these a while back at the beginning of the season, now I am doing it again. Playoffs.

Post your thoughts on the playoffs here.


I think Boston will go for the East. No Eastern team is really playing with them right now.

West, It will be one of three teams.

Sharks. They have lead the for most of the season, but with Nabby out (im not sure how long) will that kill them and their leaauge low goals against?

Red Wings. They have been on the SHarks heels all season and finally broke into the lead of the west and NHL a few weeks ago and are now tied with SJ for top spot in West and the NHL. They did this without Holmstrom for a good chunk of the year and kep it with Hossa and Franzen out. My only questions for them, like the sharks, can their goaltending keep doing well. Will Holmstrom being infront of the net again open up scoring for Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Hossa?


Blue Jackets. They have finally found that Vital missing spot between the pipes. Can Mason keep his head in the playoffs and can their offence produce the goals needed like they have been?


I am picking the Red wings because of their offence and 30 to 40 shots a game, but If they come across Columbus, that will be a close searies.

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Why do you Watch Hockey?


 Just like I said in the subject, why do you watch the greatest sport ever? I also an curious why is your favorite player your favorite player?

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Top players at their position

Vote the Nominations of the players at their position

We will do 20 nominations per position. It doesnt matter it they played in the NHL or not.

Please only vote once per position per day. once we reach 20 per position the bracket round will begin. Please do not vote for the same players over and over.

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Greatest NHL player of all time Rd 1.

Here is the first bracket round. Please only vote one time and the voting will last exactly one week. Two brackets, East and West. Choose who is better of the two players going at it. Please note that seeds 27 and higher all had the same number of votes and were given their seed based on when they were nominated. As explained in the nomination round, The East bracket is all of the even seeds from 1 to 100 and the West is the odd seeds from 1 to 100. 50 players in each bracket highest seeds play the lowest seeds. I will only vote in the event of a tie. Have fun and thank you for participating.

West bracket

Wayne Gretzky (1) VS.  Zendo Chara(99)

Mario Lemiux (3) VS. Turk Broda (97)

Gordie Howe (5)  VS. Newsly Lalonde (95)

Paul Coffey (7) VS. Ed Patterson (93)

Guy Lafleur(9) VS. Pavel Datsyuk(91)

Ray Borque(11) VS. Henrik Zetterberg(89)

Dominik Hasek (13) VS. Sid Abel(87)

Phil Esposito(15) VS. Mike Garther(85)

Brett Hull(17)  VS .  Mats Sundin(83)

Bobby Clark(19) VS.  Ron Francis (81)

Ted Lindsay(21) VS.  Bernie Geoffron(79)

Bernie Parent(23) VS. Larry Macdonald(77)

Mark Recci(25) VS.  Jarome Iginla(75)

Marcel Dionne(27) VS.  Larry Robinson(73)

Stan Mikita(29) VS.  Daniel Sedin(71)

Jean Beliveau(31) VS. Curtis Joseph(69)

Gilbert Perrault(33) VS. Gump Worsley(67)

Adam Hall (35) VS.  Frank Mahlovich(65)

Eddie Shore (37) VS.  Brian Leetch(63)

Dave schultz(39) VS.  Eric Vail(61)

Bobby Hull(41) VS.  Pelle Lindburgh(59)

Scott Neidermayer(43) VS.  Billy Barber(57)

Norm Ullman(45) VS.  Grant Fuhr(55)

Larry Murphy(47) VS.  Pat Lafontaine(53)

Larry Robinson(49) VS.  Chris Chellios(51)


Bobby Orr (2) VS. Rob Blake(100)

Patrick Roy(4) VS. Doug Harvy(98)

Mark Messier(6) VS. Syd Howe(96)

Steve Yzerman(8) VS. Dit Claper(94)

Rocket Richard(10) VS. Don Biggs(92)

Ken Drayden(12) VS. Chris Osgood(90)

Nick Lidstrom(14) VS. Gump Worsley(88)

Martin Broduer(16) VS. Pat Lafontaine(86)

Mike Bossy(18) VS. Al Macinnis(84)

Terry Sawchuk(20) VS. Dale Hawerchuk(82)

Jaromir Jagr(22) VS. Howie Morenz(80)

Keven Stevems(24) VS. Alex Ovechkin(78)

Cam Neely(26) VS. Dallas Eakins(76)

Johnny Bucyk(28) VS. Brian Trotter(74)

Luc Robitaile(30) VS. Dennis Potvin(72)

Andy Bathgate(32) VS. Henrik Sedin(70)

Jacques Plante(34) VS. Mike Vernon(68)

Andy Moog(36) VS. Bryan Trottier(66)

Doug Harvey(38) VS. Larry Murphy(64)

Mike Richter(40) VS. Ron Frances(62)

Georges Vezina(42) VS. Viadislav Tretiak(60)

Alex Delvecchio(44) VS. Barry Ashbee(58)

Joe Sakic(46) VS. Billy Smith(56)

Red Kelly(48) VS. Scott Stevens(54)

Dennis Potuin(50) VS. Sidney Crosby(52)

Sorry for any mispellings.


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All Time Greatest Metal band

From Black metal to thrash, Doom to Grindcore, Goth to hardcore.

The best metal band of all time. Each person can nominate 5 metal bands of all time. Have fun with this.

*****Note that Hard Rock and Nu Metal are not metal genres******

My 5 are


Napalm Death


King Diamond

My Dying Bride

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NHL Greatest player of all time

Okay, I have seen these all over the place. Im doing one now.

Each person will nominate 5 players that have played in the NHL (I will allow some others such as Jim Craig for the simple fact they did something amazing) per day until I have 100. While you may votte more than once, please do not nominate the same 5 people over and over. after the nomination round there will be 50 Matchups in two brackets. The seeds willl be determined by how many votes each player gets. After the Nomination round I will not vote unless there is a tie. The top seed willl go up against the lowest seen and so on.  The two brackets will be equil to an odd seed bracket and an even seed bracket. To clarify this, Say the top seed of the nomination round is Wayne Gretzky and second seed is Mario Lemiux. Gretzky will be the top seed of the odd bracket (I will call it West) and Lemiux will be the top seed in the even (East). Each round will last roughly one week give a day depending on if I am able to access the site.

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Red Wings Retired numbers

Number 9 - Gordie Howe

Number 12 - Sid Abel

Number 7- Ted Lindsay

Number 10 - Alex Delvecchio

Number 1- Terry Sawchuk

Number 19 - Captian Steve Yzerman

So I ask you all this, Who will be the next Wing to join these 6 amazing hockey players?

Lidstrom? Homer? Hank? Draper? Datsyuk? Maltby? Ozzie?

Should they raise banners for Larry Aurie and Vladimir Konstantinov?

What are your thoughts?

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