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An Overview of Rutgers! IMHO

Hence, we are now at an end to week 3 of our college football year and as we started the season with high hopes, we are looking at 0-3. The <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:placename w:st="on">Fresno</st1:placename> <st1:placetype w:st="on">State</st1:placetype></st1:place> loss was hard because were in it with 6 minutes left in the game and our boys played very hard. Unfortunately, we lost it in big plays and you see that all over the league and in professional ball.

     Week 2, we all looked at it as a possible rebound week and to iron out some of the loose ends we still might have had. However, again, we showed more problems on our team and it didn’t seem that we have fixed some of the olds ones? This being very puzzling to me because I have always looked at the coaching staff with high regards. Still a loss here did not end our hopes, hell UNC proved to be a hidden Monster!

     Now we are at week 3 and it seems we are still at a loss for not only words but also explanations on what is going on? Navy was a winnable game as was the others! Again as in week 2, we are showing more flaws than the previous week? I understand standing by our Quarterback, absolutely just to show you have faith and trust in him! This is necessary for coaches as well as fans. Maybe he is not up for the task? Maybe our Backups are not ready either? Not sure what to think of it, we have prided ourselves as a team of speed and gang tacklers! However, so far this year we looked slow and drawn out on plays? Which brings me to this point; How good is our coaching assistants? I have complete faith in Schiano and when he took over the reigns of Defense back in end of 05 I was a little skeptic.

            But we have had many coaching changes in the off season and I am wondering are they ready for this level of play? I see around the league other Division 1 schools with NFL caliber coaches and I wonder why wouldn’t we have such coaches at our disposal? I see too many misplays and at some point you can blame the players but when they are at this extent shouldn’t the coaching staff have some blame?

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 4:15 pm

Big East Makes Comeback!

     Ok so the Big East didn't have a good start to thier 08 year! Unfortunately we are hearing it all around the web. So the season needs to begin Thursday night @ 7:30 and unfortunately the ones that will have to pay will be UNC. After a very good defensive first half against Fresno State and some signs of movement from the offense we came to a stal in the 2nd half.  Well we need to really bring it around Thursday night for the BIG EAST.  We have worked way too hard as a whole to show progress through the years with out Miami, Virginia and Boston College. We need to show as a whole conference that we are able to rebound and play with the big boys!

     I don't care what any of the articles are going to say or what they want to predict. The Big East is a good competative league and we know it, we just need to show it every week. If we want the respect we are demanding then we need to put up or shut up! As a Rutgers Loyalist I want us to support our boys the best we can: Yes this includes me as well - " IN TEEL WE TRUST".  I know we can win with him and I as well have to show my support. After we finish with UNC, we need the others to step up as well:

     South Florida will have the toughest challenge with Kansa but I'm sure the boys down South are more than up for the challenge? Syracuse runs into a high pwer Penn State unit but with upsets happening every week why can't the Orange be this week surprise? Connecticut gets a visit from Virgina and Huskies are well enough armed to take them boys at home. Cincinnati has Miami of Ohio and should be able to put them away by half time, just win big no mercy.  While Louisville, Pitt and West Virgina have some well deserved rest coming to them.

      We need to step up if we keep demanding respect and want to keep any Automatic bids. Granted it may be too early in the season to start talking like this but when is ti really too early to talk about anything? I'm sure every conference has its slips too, this is just a wake up blog thats all. If we keep it fresh then we can stay focused.

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Posted on: July 30, 2008 11:52 am

Nice Article on Big East Finally!

Here's a nice aritcle on CBS sports. Good to hear some positive things coming out of the big east and the coaches visions of what it will become. Unfortunately you will always have turnover, the good thing is they are all leaving for Big names schools (N0 disrespect intended). But if you look at the Big East as a weak division then why would Big Ten, ACC and others be recruiting our coaches?
Big East teams work to keep star coaches from leaving


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