Posted on: July 27, 2011 9:31 pm

Finally, FOOTBALL!!!

This is really the most important issue of the day in America...The NFL! Screw the debt ceiling debate it is all about football. I'm glued to the NFL Network to see where all the FA are going. I could care less about the debt ceiling, taxes, healthcare, recessions, housing crisis, Norway or any myriad of real issues. Footbal is king, queen and god and country.


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Posted on: March 20, 2011 12:53 am

Note to NFL Players

Wake up. The NFL is an industry and they have a collection of men with money that have put up personal wealth to OWN a team. You are PLAYERS (HIGHLY PAID) and essentially employees. Not quite employees in the sense of the myriad other employees that work throughout the year to make sure that fans like me can enjoy football but you are employees nonetheless. Quit fantasizing with this notion that you have some inherent right to see any and all financial informtion from ownership.
You players have a commodity or two that the owners pay for to produce results and generate revenue. You don't get to call all the shots and you are not equal partners. This is not a democracy you are in, it is a MONARCHY! Deal with it!
Not all of you are superstars and not all make the insane money; however, you all play a game by choice and even if you can't do anything else productive but play this game, you are not owed everything that you claim to be owed.
It is kind of sad that so many people and so much of this nations economy is caught up in what is supposed to be just entertainment.
Part of me understands what players want and think they are entitled to but another part of me just doesn't understand. The ridiculous crap about being slaves is a serious delusion and Adrian Peterson should have his head examined for even uttering the words much less even thinking that making $10 million a year to play a game is analagous to SLAVERY. He is young and apparently not very bright, but come on!
The violent nature of the game and the way you all put yourselves out there to perform must make you feel entitled to more but it still comes down to the fact that you have other choices. Lets say you all man up and earn a normal living like me and all the rest of the fans who eke it out in this world on much less than the league minimum.
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Posted on: January 15, 2011 10:28 pm

Tony Gonzales

I am not here to read the last rites. I think Tony has at least two years left in him. His numbers are not what they once where but he is still after 14 years and Hall of Fame numbers one of the best in the game at the Hybrid WR/TE position. It is just unfortunate that the Falcons could not match the Packers intensity tonight.
I love Tony Gonzales, he is a professional through and through and deserves to play in a Superbowl. Not all Hall of Famer's play in Superbowls or win one but this guy is just such a great role model and outstanding football player that you hate to see him go out and join some network studio show without ever having a legitimate shot to hoist the trophy.

I feel for you bro'!!

I have never bought a player's jersey in my life but I think I will be purchasing a Tony Gonzales Chiefs Jersey this year because it just seems right!!!!
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Posted on: January 15, 2011 10:15 pm


This (*&^#@$# nonsense has to stop. The return by the Ravens for a touchdown that got called back for a hold was totally and completely bogus. The blocker was in front and PUSHED the steeler forward and down. IT'S CALLED BLOCKING YOU MORONS!!!!

When you block the player you block might actually fall down and it is not because you held or did anything illegal. This turned the tide in that game. I'm not a Ravens fans. I am from Kansas City and will go to my grave a Chiefs fan, no matter how inept they are in the playoffs, so this is not some B'more fan whining in my beer.

Officiating (bad officiating) is having too much of an impact on these games. During a return if you throw a flag it better be an actual hold, block in the back or clip. If a player is just blocked straight up and happens to fall then OH WELLLLLLLL!. 

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Posted on: January 15, 2011 9:50 pm

2011 Kansas City Chiefs

Lot of swirl going around after Jason Whitlock made his comments about Todd Haley. Whitlock thinks Haley has some kind of mental hang up and is not a good fit as a head coach. I guess we will find out this year if that is true. Charlie Weiss leaving could be Weiss wanting to get himself back into college football somehow because he may feel as if he (weiss) has unfinished business on that level. Whitlock postulates that Haley forced him out with his inability to accept anyone other than himself making critical offensive calls in a game.
I think Whitlock is on to something in some respects about Haley. Haley's first year seemed as if everything was all about himself and what he looked like as a coach on the field. He berated players, didn't want to interact with players, even after good plays and he always is trying to make demonstrative gestures to get the camera on him during games. Maybe Weiss just doesn't like that kind of coach and decided to move on. On the other hand Crennel seems okay but that is probably because he is on defense and Haley doesn't care about the defense as much.
If Haley wants to be the play caller then just say so. One thing any team needs is to know what the hell the baseline is! Make a decision and just go with it. Maybe the Chiefs can just get a QB coach for Cassel and Haley can do what he did in Arizona and call plays. Hire an assistant head coach to help with other stuff and let Haley focus on the Offense during the week and when the Chiefs have the ball during games.

Needs: The Chiefs need one or two more linebackers to complement Derrick Johnson. They need two more receivers and good ones (not stellar) to help Dwayne Bowe. They also need a plan to replace Thomas Jones because one more decent (not great) year is all your likely get out of Jones.

Hopefully the Chiefs have a plan. There is no reason why they should take a step backwards. They played hard most of the time but consistency and purpose were lacking. Blowouts by division opponents can not happen if you expect to be great.
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Posted on: January 8, 2011 6:56 pm

Seattle Seahawks

Why I am rooting for the Seahawks.
They used to be in the AFC West and I am 41 years old and from Kansas City and remember the Zorn/Largent years! Go Seahawks with your 7-9 record, soon to be 8-9 after you beat the defending world champs the AINTS! Oh I meant the Saints!
Matt Hasselback is a pro-bowler and is showing it now.
Marshawn Lynch is a big time back in this league and is showing it now.
The crowd and the Seahawks special teams is the best in the league and is showing it now.
Do I need to say more? NO!
Seahawks are moving on!
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Posted on: December 3, 2010 10:55 pm

Sorry Matt Cassel and other random thoughts!

Matt Cassel proved me way wrong. I wrote back on Sep 19, that I thought Brodie Croyle was better than Cassel after I attended one Chiefs training camp session. I am here to say that I am not affiliated with NFL scouting for a reason. Cassel I'm sorry for doubting you. Just deliver in December and I will buy your Jersey the next time I fly home to KC. Seven is my favorite number anyway, so it won't be too much of a stretch.
I officially hope LeBron never wins a title. The "Decision" is the reason. I don't care that he left Cleveland it was the way he did it.
The Kansas City Chiefs are in first place!!!!!! Yes!
College Hoops is back and Duke looks like they could and should go undefeated in 2010-2011!. Coach K is the best coach in any sport. Too bad he is not the Miami Heat coach...they would be undefeated if he were.
I have a Michael Vick jersey I had made for me in Korea a few years back (Falcons), I am so glad I kept it because he will be the next black QB to win a Super Bowl. (Sorry V. Young you are proving to be nothing more than a black Jeff George at this point)
The Kansas Jayhawks show no signs of relinquishing the crown!
Matt Ryan should be the NFL MVP if Vick doesn't win it. I think a fair exchange would be Vick is the comeback player of the decade and give Matty Ice the MVP.

USA doesn't get a world cup but I think they need to focus on winning one and screw being the host. Of course the USA is a great place to host this world wide tournament. We have stadiums galore and now that we are 20+ years into the digital age...the USA will take the World Cup to levels it has never seen as far as coverage goes.

So, Randy Shannon cleans up the Miami program, wins games but not in a big way but still ends up on the positive side and gets shafted for not winning everything. Shannon had the kids long term interest at heart and wanted to win but unfortunately he is not still playing. 


Posted on: September 19, 2010 9:32 pm

2010 Football (Professional)

What do we know after week one? Not a whole lot...but wait, we know that the Cowboys we definitely overrated by overpaid ex-players that occupy cushy analyst positions all over the regular media. It is early but I think:

The Texans are serious! Coming back in DC after McNabb has one of the best days of his career is significant.
The Chiefs can contend in the AFC West if Eric Berry ($50M) can figure out how to not get burned deep. The Chiefs are clearly focused on not letting teams run on them but you still need to defend the pass. Oh by the way; I went to Chiefs training camp and believe strongly that Brodie Croyl is BETTER than Cassel.
The Jets might actually repeat
The Redskins need to figure out how to run the ball because McNabb is not going to play this well every game and he is very likely to get injured. BTW I sincerely hope Trent Williams (OU) is okay. He has been playing extremely well to this point and I hope he can come back.
Tom Brady...cut that hair!
The Steelers will be undefeated when Big Ben comes back.
Even though I hate the Raiders, Gradkowski is the man!
Brett Favre has to be wishing he was in Mississippi right now watching Direct TV instead of being featured on NFL PrimeTime as the guy who just got JACKED UP?!
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