Posted on: December 9, 2008 8:58 am

Christmas Ponderings

Does anybody else feel as if this time of the year will completely undo them?  With all the pressure (outside and inside) to perform and produce it appears to me that we lose focus and begin meandering and wandering through what is supposed to be the most incredible time of each year.  The delusion of the malls, the cries of children wanting toys (which we donate a few months later to Goodwill or sell at the yardsale during the summer), the rapid-fire pace of bills and payments due, the constant barrage of news that everything is bad and getting worse - you would think the apocalypse was fast approaching.

Now, maybe it is.  Or, maybe it ain't.  As we (and I am speaking to us guys now) set our sights on the playoffs, the hot-stove league, the BCS (lol here), and the holy day season, let us not relagate the last one just mentioned to the back end of our true priorities.  My oldest child is going to have one final jaw surgery three days before Christmas.  Oh, joy.  Of course, regular food will be out of our domain for around five-six weeks.  Juvenile Rheumatiod Arthritis can be a real pain in the...well, just about anywhere I suppose.  I have covenanted with my oldest to not eat solid food so long as it is impossible for them.  Turkey?  Man oh man, what a disaster pending!

So, my focus this Christmas season is a little tainted - not as much on the day as on my children (especially one) and how we will get through the December rush.  Which, in a weird and compelling way, brings me back to what Christmas is really all about:  a Child.  The Christ child.  The very Son of GOD.  Hey, fellas!  Don't lose focus on your priorities.  Be the leader your wife and children need and desire.  You cannot always be the Knight in Shining Armor, but you can always be working the Point and setting the course for your family to follow. And, that always must begin by being a follower...a disciple...a believer...in Jesus Christ the Lord.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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