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Do we really need these?

Four unnecessary sporting events, in no particular order.


  • Pro Bowl - I don´t really like any allstar game but this one is the most pointless. The players are weary and banged up after a long hard season, many are reluctant to go at all and most fans have lost interest after the Super Bowl. Just pick the teams and let that be the honor in itself.
  • Hockey world championships - Well, the best players in the world aren´t playing so how can it be a world championship? Where they are? Playing for the Stanley cup. At least change the date to, say, september so all players are available!
  • World Baseball Classic - As long as they keep playing it in the middle of the buildup to a new season this tournament will be a curiosity at best. The idea about a world baseball tournament actually is good enough to be tried properly, but again, change the date.
  • Any new College Basketball postseason tournament - With the NCAA tourney and the NIT going on at the same time, it´s simply to much to keep peoples interest up. I you haven´t made it to neither two, well, face it. You aren´t good enough to play in a postseason tournament.



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MAC rant

Looking at the standings in the MidAmerican Conference you find that in football this past season there was only one winning team in the east division (Bowling green also was 6-6) whereas over in the west there were three teams with a winning record plus Northern Illinois at 6-6. In Basketball thus far there is no team with a winning record in the west while there are three in the east plus Bowling green who are 4-4. Comparing total wins The West leads the East in football 51-34 while the east has an advantage in basketball 27-16. Bowling green and Temple placed second and third in the East division this football season with a combined record of 11-13 (8-8 in league play) while Western and Central Michigan took second and third in the West at 17-7 (12-4) I´m not certain what it all means but it sure looks a little funny. Maybe they should just rename the divisions the Basketball and Football divisions!

Looking at the scheduling we find that in Basketball teams play their divisional rivals twice and the teams in the other division just once. This is probably why they have the divisions to create some stability in the schedules. However this also means that Eastern teams play a much tougher schedule than Western teams and seeds in the tournament are based on conference records. When the difference is this big they should just do away with the divisions and create more equal schedules!

In football teams in the Eastern division don´t even get to play all the teams in their own division! For example Temple and Bowling green didn´t play each other this year so there was no real tiebreaker for second place in the divison. What if that happened for first place? Who gets to play in the Championship game? As a Temple fan, I appreciate what membership of the MAC has meant to the football program but still, I don´t think this is satisfactory in the long run. Maybe they could do as the Pac-10 and play nine conference games so at least you get to play all teams in your division!

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