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Pioli, Peyton's Place is in KC

I've been to the KC Chiefs draft party a couple of times since Pioli took over, and his assessment of Matt Cassel in his one year start at New England might have been enhanced by his own blinders. I love the fact that Romeo is taking the reins, because KC should be competitive defensively for years to come. Imagine what that Defense will look like this year with the return of Berry in the secondary. The new offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll from the Miami Dolphins, was hired this week. This run first mindset should fit well with what KC is trying to do offensively, and would look great with Peyton Manning at the helm. For weeks I've been praying that the Great Pioli would steal Manning from the Colts, and now Peyton is publicly acknowledging that he is not interested in guaranteed money. And Peyton Manning is MUCH better than Matt Cassel.
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Packer spin machine needs to shut up.


Let me make this perfectly clear to Packer backers: Karma is a b^tch. Brett wanted to play football for the Green Bay Packers. Period. He wanted to retire from the Green Bay Packers. He did so. The champion in him wanted to compete. And play for the Green Bay Packers. Ted Thompson and Mike McCartney took Brett Favre at his word after his tear filled press conference, and moved on. That's what good franchises do. But then, after months of healing, and talk of training camp, things Brett Favre had been accustomed to in Green Bay for his entire career, he had a change of heart. He still has it. He still wants to play. The only problem was Green Bay moved on. They groomed their first round draft pick for four years under the games greatest of all time. And he learned well. I laughed when I saw his interview, talking about how Brett taught him to look off defenders with the stripe on his helmet. Words of wisdom. The best students have the best teachers; that's why they are the best.

This is where we have our divorce. Brett wanted in, they weren't expecting that. I'm not blaming Ted Thompson for taking a vacation, leaving work behind, heaven forbid that right be taken away. And its too bad that Brett probably overreacted to the lack of communication, and said something out loud that would have better been left unspoken. It happened. I'm sure he regrets it. Lets face it; when we are at the end of our career, we want to be sure we're done. Brett was far from done. People told him so. But the way he lost the last game of the 2007 season; on an interception in OT in the NFC championship game in front of his home fans. I'm sure it cost him so much sleep. I find myself cheering for him as a Jet just as much as I did when he was a Packer. And I've never been a Packer fan. Brett makes the NFL a better place to visit.

Anyone in the Packer front office that denies they mishandled the whole situation won't be there in two years. The NFL is like that. And spinning stories into the press about malfeasance by a disgruntled former player just to make themselves look better is intolerable. The truth will come out, and heads will roll. Who owns the Green Bay Packers? THE FANS.

Now Brett has taken his ball and is playing in a different playground, having a blast and feeling some comfort now with his new playmates. Hes looking good. Thomas Jones is underutilized right now; but they are seeing what they acquired him for, and his success is going to open huge touchdowns off of play action like Brett had in Green Bay with Ryan Grant. Edgar Bennett and everyone in between. Jones is good. Leon Washington is a good third down back, and Coles and Cotchery are capable wideouts. Stuckey seems to be depth that position sorely needed. The offensive line is gelled, and the Jets are loaded at TE. Despite a confusing gameplan in Oakland, where at one point in the game Jones was averaging over 9 yards per carry after 14 carries, this NY Jet team can beat anyone. They are going to be a tough out in the second half of the season.

Now tell the Packer spin machine you're sick and tired of it and you're not going to take it anymore. Otherwise you have to deal with karma......

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NFL week 2 fantasy pickups

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NFL week 2 fantasy pickups


OK fantasy football fans, the season is underway and injuries to top talent is already testing rosters before bye weeks begin. I want to share some of my thoughts on how to manage your fantasy teams, who to go pick up in relief, and other relevant statistics that only true fantasy fanatics can understand!!

I might as well start with Quarterback. Every league had Tom Brady on one of its members teams, and injuries to first round draft picks so early in the season are difficult. Some options:

1. Kurt Warner, Arizona Cardinals.  It's amazing how available he is.

2. Trent Edwards, Buffalo Bills. This team has a lot of offensive weapons, and last seasons starts are paying dividends to this kid.

3. Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans. With Vince Young's injury, and the running ability of his offense, Kerry could post some decent numbers for a playoff caliber team.

4. Chad Pennington, Miami Dolphins. My hopes are Chad will play steady, heady football and be a consistent fantasy scorer.

5. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons. Fans, if this offense is able to run the ball consistently, Ryan is accurate and capable to rate spot starts.


My quarterback flyer: I want to give you a tip that might pay huge dividends. I'm looking for Brady Quinn to take over the job in Cleveland, and this kid has all star written all over him. If you have room on the bench, or you have Derek Anderson, GRAB THIS KID.


Running Backs: 1. DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers. Another back that is on most free agent lists. 2. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans. Rookie has some talent and speed and Kerry Collins will help him. 3. Steve Slaton, Houston Texans. This team is close, and with Ahman Green nicked up again, Slaton is set. 4. Leon Washington, New York Jets. Thomas Jones counterpart will see plenty of action. 5. Maurice Morris/Julius Jones, Seattle Seahawks. If you're really in a pinch, this offense is losing weapons. Quick. Wide Receivers: 1. Devery Henderson, New Orleans Saints. Colston is out 4-6 weeks. 2. Robert Meachum, New Orleans Saints. Yep. 3. Eddie Royal, Denver Broncos. He lit up D Hall. 4. Greg Lewis, Philadelphia Eagles. Until Kevin Curtis gets back. 5. Anyone lining up against D Hall of the Raiders. Tight Ends: 1. LJ Smith, Philadelphia Eagles. Consistent. 2. Dante Rosario, Carolina Panthers. What a debut! 3. Tony Sheffler, Denver Broncos. Cutler has found a favorite target besides Marshall. 4. Anthony Fasano/David Martin, Miami Dolphins. Chad found em all day!
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