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Texas is the Root of All Evil

I just finished responding to a message someone had posted concerning the Matthews Jr. trade to the Mets.He spoke a bit on how Matthews came from Texas & posted career highs before signing the deal with the Angels,then after the payday he was a dud.A familiar story around baseball but I wouldn't say prevalent among most of the league.The reason for the title of the blog is if you look at the players that played for the Rangers during the mid-90's a whole hell of a lot of them were caught juicing,or were alleged,leaked or somehow linked to the disgraceful steroid era.The following players I'm not trying to slander but I believe 'Pudge'Rodriguez was named in Canseco's book,Rafael Palmeiro,who as crooked as politicians are,lied & wagged his finger at representatives of the Senate of the Great United States of America in which he wasn't even born in.Alex Rodriguez,SS on the Ranger teams of that era.Juan 'Igor' Gonzalez,OF on the above mentioned teams.Gary Matthews Jr. was caught ordering or accepting an order of HGH.The person who nobody,including me,wanted to believe when he first started publicizing his book,Jose Canseco was very unfortunately proven to be correct about what he exposed.I believe during promotional tours of his book he said he would blow people's minds at how rampant steroids were in MLB in addition to the 'big names' he would be mentioning.Unfortanately,he was correct.BTW what ever happened to Barry Bonds & the criminal charges he faced?Oh,that's right,I believe he got the ol' star treatment.What's sad about this whole situation is these guys were the best of the best;playing professional baseball in the country where the greatest players come to perform.I really hope,as a die-hard baseball fan for as far back as I can remember,that this gets aired out real soon.I don't care what has to be done,even if it means mentioning all the names on the 'list';which I believe would be against the CBA & the agreement of confidentiality,which I firmly believe that a deal is a deal.With the money these players get paid & the scientific technology that allows people that get paid like pro baseball players gain speed,strength,agility through personal trainers,not to mention hiring your own personal chef,professional baseball teams having the best trainers,doctors,facilities to be in peak physical condition is or was there really a need to turn to steroids?
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What's going on with OF Defense?

In the 4 baseball games I've watched in the last 2 days I've seen an almost identical play happen 3 different times.First incident happens in Det/Min 1 game playoff to decide the winner of the AL Central.A line drive was hit at Tigers left fielder Ryan Raburn by a Twins hitter who made it to 3rd base on the play.That was on Tuesday.On Wednesday,an extremely similar play happened in Game 1 of the Rockie/Phillies series.In the bottom of the 5th inning with Raul Ibanez on 2nd Carlos Ruiz,Philadelphia's catcher hit a liner to Colorado's right fielder Brad Hawpe,he slid but failed to stop the ball from rolling toward the wall behind him.Ruiz stood on second, Ibanez had scored & Hawpe was charged with an error.Lo & behold,in Game 1 of the ALDS;the first playoff game played in the new Yankee Stadium;the same type of play happens that happene in the last 2 games I watched.In the bottom of the 7th inning with Johnny Damon at bat & Derek Jeter on 1st base,Damon hits a ball into right field,sure enough Michael Cuddyer,who was playing right field at the time(the Twins regular first baseman,Justin Morneau is on the Disabled List & out for the rest of the season)instead of 1st base,where in the last month he'd become accustomed to playing,misplays the ball,though the runner held up in case the ball was caught and only advanced to 2nd base,Damon reached on an error.Now I have a theory for why this may have happened in Minnesota.The roof of the Metrodome has historically given trouble to opposing teams defensive players because of its color being the same as a baseball.My theory for why these problems happened in Philadelphia & New York alike is because on the day of those games it was extremely windy.I can vouch for this because even though I veiwed the game in the comfort of a relatives house,I'd been outside earlier in the day & my relative lives halfway between N.Y. & Philly;exactly where the games were played,on the Jersey Coast.The games were also played at an unusual time in both cities,particularly the Philly game,which in some instances caused me to lose track of the ball or the action in general.    

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Pedro Martinez

I'm going to get right to the point! Why is he on a major league roster(that part surprises me),the DL part surprises me for one reason;didn't he have to pass a physical.What I wanted to say when saying "getting to the point" was this sideshow can't pitch anymore or rather hasn't pitched decently in 5,6 years.The Mets wasted a bunch of money on this washed up piece of whatever.He's been nothing more than a 5 inn. pitcher for years.He's been done for the longest.He's a low-life who beats up 70 year old gentlemen.I really can't fathom what would possess Philly to sign this washed up has been.Mark my words and remind me if I should be wrong;he'll spend more calender days on his 2nd home,the DL,than he will on an active roster.I just wished he signed with an AL East team other than The Yankees,so we could beat him like we regularly did reg.season or playoffs;shout out to Grady Little for game 7 in ALCS in'03.You could look up his lifetime rec. vs NYY.I wouldn't be surprised to see his name on the"confidential"list about the juice;or cream as Sheffield & Bonds used or clear.

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Position Depth:

Right now 2B is an extremely deep position.Let me go down the list:Chase Utley,Kaz Matsui is a very,I guess I would say underrated player(you saw what he did in the '07 playoffs),Brandon Phillips whose found his power stroke again,Freddy Sanchez who is a perenial .300 hitter,Richie Weeks,who just went down for the year,has HR power,though as is tradition in Milwaukee strikes out a lot.Orlando Hudson is having a great year with the Dodgers,Felipe Lopez is starting to amp up in the desert,In the American League you've got Aaron Hill swinging a good bat,Brian Roberts with his speed & doubles,Dustin Pedroia is already forming a nice mantle for his awards,Robinson Cano is going to win a batting title one of these years,besides I think he has the strongest arm in the majors for a 2B & is possibly the best at going to his right which is a + with Jeter's declining skills.Iwamura is also known for his glove but don't sleep on his bat or speed.Alexei"The Cuban Missle"Ramirez can play more than just second & has great baseball instincts.Cleveland can put Cabrera;who's been manning SS & hitting extremely well no matter where he plays,DeRosa who can play 2B,SS,3B,OF & is a professional hitter,Alberto Callaspo is playing like a kid possessed in K.C.,Placido Polanco is one of the best #2 hitters in the game(as far as what a #2 hitters job really entails).Seattle has Jose Lopez who quite honestly I'm not familiar with his glove skills but I know he can hit even though his avg. is low right now.Kendrick is another professional on the field & I'm sure in the clubhouse,as well.Is it possible that we might be seeing at the 2B position what we saw at the SS pos. 15 years ago?Let me hear what the rest of you fans out there think. 
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Minor Off-season Trade

What was the purpose of trading for Nick Swisher & a pitcher named Texiera for Jhonny Nunez,Jeffrey Marquez,& Wilson Betimit?We lost a couple of minor league pitchers & got one.We also got a player who plays all out from what I've seen of him & lost a player who was a PH/1B-3B with a few years experience.Swisher will play where?1B; that's an upgrade over Giambi? I think not.which OF position? RF means Abreu's (a free-agent) gone.I'm not positive of the configurations of the New Yankee Stadium but if there anything like the old I can't see Swisher in left or center(which is where he played the majority of the games with past teams).I sure hope Giambi doesn't have a repeat performance of '08 in '09,unless of course we get the other Texiera,first name Mark.Are we going to re-sign Matsui & his gimpy knees,I wouldn't if I were in charge.Like most trade's I think we're going to have to find out sometime down the road who got the best of this trade.On a side note ,this may signify the end of Melky's Yankee days & possibly Cano's,as they were good friends with Betimit.The immidiate upside of this trade is the power Swisher showed last year.hopefully he can do it off the bench or as a spot DH which is all I see him as.
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The Matt Holliday Season:

Let's forget the money part of the deal if you may.Who got the better of this deal,Athletics or Rockies?We all know what Holliday is capable of 30+HR's 125 RBI's(if he has a good catalyst like i.e Willy Taveras in front of him)& a 325 AVG.+30 SB's.One thing this deal tells me is it looks very unlikely that Colorado will be retaining Fuentes as Huston Street's name has been mentioned along with Brett Anderson,reliever Greg Smith,& outfielder Carlos Gonzalez who spent time with the big league club in '08.Street's a quality closer.So please share your thoughts & opinions with me.Show me some love fans,I'm trying to get to the next level.
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What are the Yankees needs for '09?

Everybody's knee-jerk response is pitching.Everyone needs pitching,a team can never have enough of it.Let's go through each position.Rotation:Wang should be back on the hill for opening day,I'm siding with those who believe Joba should start.We can't expect Moose to win 20 again;can we?Realistically,no.15,possibly;if we hit.Pettitte,I don't think last year was much of an abberation.He isn't getting any younger & he has a history of elbow problems.We're talking about him as a #4 if Moose comes back.You could do worse than that assuming he does come back & pitch .500 again.After that it's an open tryout between Hughes,Kennedy,& Pavano.If we sign a big time free agent,all the better.Bullpen:Rivera should be full tilt by opening day.He traditionally throws only a few innings in Tampa in March.To set up we have Ramirez,Veras,Bruney,& we also have a couple young guns who we got in the Sheffield deal like Humberto Sanchez & Robertson who had some success in '08.Managers almost always find a surprise or 2 in spring training or Rule 5.Catcher:Let's hope Posada's arm strength comes back to pre-surgical form.Molina's one of the best backups in the biz.Infield:I would try to sign Giambi to an incentive laden 1 yr. deal,unless of course you can land Texiera.Giambi is so underrated defensively it's ridiculous.Has Cano become that much of a problem that we give up on that sweet opposite-field stroke.I'll say one thing,that swing was taylor made for 40+ doubles a year at the real Yankee Stadium.I don't know about the new one.The kid is going to mature,he's too talented to give up on,he's got a shortstops arm,he can throw out the fastest guys who hit a grounder up the middle...unbelievable range to his right.What can I say?I spent a good deal of '08 of ripping the guy.He did the best he could of carrying this team to the post-season in Sept. like he did so many times in the mid to late 90's.The captain of course I speak.The truth is he is past his prime,doesn't have the range he once had,the speed,but it's still his team & a rookie in March knows it as does a veteran arriving in a deadline deal at the end of July.It's not as long away as we want to believe it is however,they need to look toward the draft in June to seek out a predecessor.I think we're covered at third.Until it's done on the field people will always point out how he fails in the clutch.My counter-point is always they wouldn't have made it this far without the so & so RBI during the regular season.Outfield: I think Godzilla's best days are behind him.He has become injury-prone & to play him 3-4 games a week disrespects the legacy he brought here from Japan,Sayonara,too bad we coudn't win one with you in N.Y.Nady should be the starting LFer.Abreu should also be brought back,I think he had a pretty good year last year especially when you consider he was one of the only regulars who was able top answer the bell on a nightly basis,all year long.I'd prefer to see Damon as a regular DH especially to preserve his legs which have acted up on him on occasion the last what 2 yrs.AHHH!! What to do with Melky.That's a hell of an arm to get rid of,attached to a hell of an outfielder.I'm just really against playing Damon in CF every night.Sometimes I wonder do Cano & Cabrera bring each other down;if that is the case that's where leaders come in like Abreu,Posada,Jeter,& Betemit,who's close to the two & a veteran.I think Girardi did the best he could after the injury bug visited numerous times,especially when disciplining Cano.If they can land a big free agent pitcher,do it!! If you can sign or trade for a young top notch CF,do it!! Other than that a team that won 89 games without it's ace for half the season can't do much except always try to get better.
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MLB Playoffs:

In a previous Blog I wrote/speculated which would happen first:Angels clinch or K-rod breaks saves record.I believe they happened within days of each other.The Pale Hose & Twins look to be going down to the last day of the season.Royals won't roll over for the Twins as evidenced by an 8-1 win last night.Congrats to the Rays!! print up the 20,000 hats & shirts that say "AL Eastern Division Champs"to the people that go to the games regularly.Boston's the Wild Card &  as a Yankee fan it was gratifying to beat the Red Sucks so you guy's could clinch.In the Senior Circiut it's Home-field throughout for the Cubbies.I'm really rooting hard for them being my team's out of it.It's nice seeing Joe Torre managing in Oct.again.Phillies look as if they've got the East.Is it going to be another Mets collapse? Even if they get in, how far does your 'pen take you? Hasn't anyone realized that the Marlins are like cryptonite to Mike Pelfrey? I would've pitched him a day earlier vs the Cubs.And this is not a second guess;I picked up Pelfrey in my fantasy lg. shortly after Randolph & his pitching coach got fired.I never pitched him vs Fla.The Brew Crew must cut down on K's in '09.If they earn the Wild Card they've got 2 starters + Suppan, Bush,Parra(who also contributed to my fantasy team),Gallardo seems healthy again,Torres.Needless to say they can also hit the longball.I'm sticking to my predictions from about a month and a half ago.Angels over Cubs.By the way,that All-Star game rule is dumb;either alternate it like it was,or team with best reg.season record get's it.
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