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The AFC West at the Halfway Point:

It was either ESPNs Prime Time at 7pm Eastern or NBCs Pre-Game on Sunday Night where the hosts spoke about how unpredictable the 4 teams from the AFC West are from week to week.They were talking about who would come out on top of the division at the end of the season & nobody could give a definitive answer.I can't disagree.Before last nights intra-divisional game between the Oakland Raiders & San Diego Chargers you had 3 teams with 4-4 records with the Denver Broncos at 3-5 nipping at their heels.The other 2 teams in this division,Denver & Kansas City meet Sunday at 1pm EST at Arrowhead Stadium in KC.This gives the Chiefs an opportunity to put some serious distance between themselves & the Broncos.
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Posted on: September 24, 2009 4:10 am

Just As I Suspected:

I posted a Blog on the Sunday of week 1 & it had to do with my concerns as to how the Ravens would adapt to losing Head Coach Rex Ryan & some other personnel.I was also curious to see how the Jets would fare with their new Head Coach.To be quite honest so far things have turned out to be somewhat accurate.The Jets turned in 2 impressive games against 2 of the more offensive teams in the league.I would attribute the victory over New England to rust on the part of Brady.I'd even say that Welker going down played a part psychologically as well as schematically.However there's no doubt the Jets sent the Pats a clear message;we ain't the same old Jets anymore.They really took it to,in my opinion,one of the most explosive offenses in the league.Any football fan knows what kind of weapons the Texans have on the offensive side of the ball.Slaton at RB,Johnson(who I heard a professional analyst on TV call the best WR in the game,which I believe is arguably so) at WR,& 2 of the most underrated offensive players in the league,TE Owen Daniels & QB Matt Schaub.As far as the Ravens go I must admit I'm a bit surprised that they,granted after only 2 weeks, have been scored upon the way they have.As I said in my 'pre-season' blog about these two teams,I wouldn't be surprised to see Baltimore slip a little bit,particularly on the defensive side of the ball,but just not to the extent they have in weeks 1 & 2.The Jets,I was pretty sure they'd be improved.  
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Can Ravens Defense Still Dominate?

Last season at about this time peoples expectations of the Baltimore Ravens success was tempered a little bit.The reason for that was they had just drafted a 1st Rd.pick on a QB,a 2nd Rd.pick on a RB who both came out of east coast colleges with relatively small football programs.One other concern on the minds of Raven fans was leading their team would be a 1st year Head Coach.When all was said and done the Ravens had proved all doubters wrong by going 11-5 and making it to the AFC Championship Game where they faced the eventual Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.Including the playoffs,they lost a total of 6 games last year;half of those games were to the Steelers.Obviously,being that that was where last year ended,it should also be where this year begins.With that said;the rookie quarterback,his name is Joe Flacco & he answered the bell for every single game last season.The RB that was drafted a round later out of Rutgers is Ray Rice.I personally expected him to be featured more.He played his role,along with 2 other RB's,one being a 6th year veteran out of The U,a.k.a. Miami,Willis McGahee & a 3rd year 260lb Le'Ron McClain who can play RB or FB but will fill the fullback role this year.Speaking of which,can the Ravens make it past their nemisis,the Steelers?The Ravens have had an upsetting trend as of late.They won 11 games in '08,5 in '07,13 in '06,6 in '05.If that continues this won't be a good year in Baltimore.Although I thought it was more,they only lost 3 starters from last season,C Matt Birk will replace Jason Brown who also started all 16 games last year.On the defensive side of the ball,they'll be replacing Chris McAlister with Domonique Foxworth who started 10 games in Atlanta last year.Kelly Gregg is coming off knee surgery that caused him to miss all of last year.Trevor Price is also slated to start,he's an 13 year veteran,Ray Lewis is a 14 year veteran,Samari Rolle who gives them depth & experience in the secondary is also a 12 year vet.They still have the usual suspects like ball-hawking Ed Reed,Dawan Landry is slated to start at the other safety position despite suffering a neck injury in week 2 & ending up the season on I.R.Fabian Washington also provides veteran depth in the secondary.The LBs are considered by most to be the strength of this team,and I agree,which is why I believe the LB coach,Greg Mattison was promoted to Defensive Coordinator & not someone else.Ray Lewis also serves as an on the field coach but the point of this story is he & several others are not getting any younger.They lost who I think is going to be a fantastic addition in S Jim Leonhard along with LB Bart Scott,not to mention last seasons Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan who brings his defensive minded self to New York & new territory.I'm very curious to see how the Raven 'D' & also the Jet 'D' adapt to their current situations.Answers will begin to take shape in several hours.Are you ready for some football!?     
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The Super Bowl:

I said it a week before the NFC Championship game that one of the keys to Arizona beating the Eagles;which I didn't think they'd do;was to obviously pick up the hundreds of blitz packages D-Coordinator Jimmy Johnson was "probably" gonna throw at Warner.With that said the Cards now had to figure out if in fact Boldin was gonna play;in which only they knew regardless of the injury report;was Philly gonna roll coverage or blitz.Point being the key to that game was how Arizona's O-line was gonna pick up the blitzes that were gonna come regardless.Johnson not letting his 'D' blitz is like a crackhead not smokin' rocks.Another key;& there were several;was the athleticism of Fitzy,James having fresh legs,Hightower being a legitimate dual threat (passcatcher/ballcarrier),Urban being a rather underated TE,plus don't they have a rookie TE who's either a bust or a blocker?Yet another key piece of history is regardless of age Warner's already got jewels,as does Big Ben(thanks mainly to the then unknown Willie Parker).When Adrien Wilson isn't shadowing anyone,he needs to partake in having Hines Ward carted off the field.I say this becauser I believe Ward is the best blocking WR in the NFL.Biggest reason why Arizona is playing in the Super Bowl is their 'D'.Dockett,Rogers-Cromartie,Wilson,Rolle.I want the Cards to win,but Pitts.'D' is so tough and any fan knows a dominant running game(which is why I was surprised the Panthers got rolled on like they did)wins titles.Problem there was Carolina got nothing from there QB for most of the season.They're very fortunate the Bucs collapsed at the end.Defense & a dominant running game will bring the Steel City another Lombardi Trophy.I like the over but the spread scares me. 

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Oakland Raiders"The Good,TheBad,&The Ugly"

I don't know how many of you fan's out there are familiar with a kid named Johnny Lee Higgins;don't take my word for it,ask someone who's 'objective'.Position is WR/RS.His strength is when the opposing kicker/punter has the chops to kick it to him.Give him a lane & it's a wrap a good portion of the time.He can also catch the ball a lil' something,too.I can only imagine if we'd held onto LaMont Jordan & Dominic Rhodes to go along with Justin Fargas a/k/a Huggy Bear Jr. & D-Mac.Tell me that doesn't sound like a decent 4-headed running attack.I think so.Now we hear all the time the NFL is a copycat league,my point is this,it's worked for the Giants,it's worked for the Panthers, to say the least,Gruden, who is someone else I wish we still had, has juggled RB's for most of the year(to the detriment of my fantasy team)with success for the team as opposed to individual stats.It's worked for Tennessee,ask Pittsburgh 'bout that whuppin'.Also don't forget about the year(s) Collins had with,not to mention the Panthers in '96 taking them to the Conference Championship Game,the Giants.He can lead them all the way! I've definitely gone off track a little.The Raiders fell behind last year by waiting so long to throw Russell to the wolves.If he'd started the season in '07 as the #1 guy behind center he'd obviously be further along in his development & me personally believes he has some serious skills that will show if he's put in the right situation,in other words a good O-line,a little more depth at wideout,things of that nature.I'm comfortable with a healthy McFadden.The defense is;let me put it this way"improved",however there is still more room.Maybe I haven't seen him enough but & I'm not saying he's no good by any means just that he's a little overrated,Ashomugha.This kid Higgins might be a star!!


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Disappointing Rookie RB

For my money the most disappointing rookie RB in '08 is Rashard Mendenhall,Pittsburgh Steelers.I was all set on drafting him when lo & behold the owner 1 spot ahead of me scoops him up.Thank Goodness for that,so far.I read somewhere in 1 of my 4 or 5 preseason magazines preveiwing the NFL that RB's who carry the ball 300 something? times don't produce the stats they produced before?With that said (or read) one can understand why the Steelers drafted Mendenhall when they did.Not using him as at least I expected makes me wonder;are they saving him for when & if Parker breaks down or is he miscast?Minn. was the only team to run more than it threw in the NFC.Buf.,Jac.,Oak.,Pit.,& S.D. ran more often than throw in the AFC.I'm happy I'm not stuck with Mendenhall at least for now.
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Tom Brady's "non-injury"

This is the only player I can think of whose "non-injury"is bigger news than just about any player in the league's real injury.Look everybody's pain threshold is different;whether you are a pro athlete or a businessman,so I'm not trying to say whether the guy's really been hurt or not.Basically what I'm getting at is straight up and down, Belichick is an all out cheat.He was caught red handed filming an opponent on game day during a game.I firmly believe that he did spy on the Rams before the Super Bowl the year they sqared off.How many Jet fans out there remember when he resigned what was it 2 or 3 days after he was given the job?Yeah right this is a real stand up guy who has a solid character.I'm not talking about a coach who will use every advantage he has at his disposal, within the rules of course.Now if I'm the head guy at K.C. do I approach the situation as reverse psychology or is he as healthy as he's been since Wk 1 2005.If that's the case the whole damn NFL is in a world of trouble.You could also look at it like maybe he is hurt more than he's been since '05.One thing I can say with certainty is I think the NFL would be a better league without Belicheat.
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