Fantasy Feud: Jason Hammel comes home to roost

By Scott White | Senior Fantasy Writer

The stakes were only as high as the thrill of the competition.

On Thursday's Fantasy Feud, Al Melchior and I were playing for our jobs.

So why am I here posting like they pay me to do it?

Heh heh heh ... sorry, Al.

But for what? For leaving him jobless, toothless or penniless, or for saddling him with the responsibility of carrying Fantasy Baseball Today all by his lonesome? For constantly choosing to "play" so that he wouldn't have the opportunity to show off his vast knowledge of up-to-date leaderboards, or for kicking him in the shin with a steel-toed boot?

Egad! Your only hope of knowing is to see for yourself.

In doing so, you can try to accomplish what one of the two of us couldn't.

Parenthetical info: For as "good" as Victor Martinez has been and as "bad" as Miguel Cabrera has been, the one piling up all the RBI in Detroit isn't the one you'd think. Perception: It's a killer.

Parenthetical info: I have so little confidence in Jason Hammel continuing his early season dominance that he doesn't even register as one of the season's top pitchers to date.

Parenthetical info: Shin-Soo Choo hasn't had an otherworldly streak to shoot him up the rankings, but in the same way he set himself apart during a career season with the Reds last year, he's setting himself apart again.

Parenthetical info: Is it still parenthetical info if I don't make use of parentheses? Someone somewhere somewhat knows ... somehow.

Enjoy the show, everyone. I'll be seeing you.

Or will I?

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