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Most overrated and underrated players in Fantasy

By Scott White | Senior Fantasy Writer

Any discussion that labels something "overrated" and "underrated" is inherently devisive. A "rating" is a subjective measurement, and when you begin layering opinions on top of opinions, you're basically just pitting everyone against everyone else. So when you watch this video, you'll probably get mad about ... something. I'm kind of mad just thinking about it, and I came up with half of it myself.

But what matters more than the label is the explanation behind it, and even if ours doesn't change that one opinion about that one player that has you so agitated, it still might open your eyes to something you hadn't considered before. I won't spoil who falls into which category, but some of the players we discuss include Chase Utley, Adam LaRoche, Marcus Stroman , Jake Odorizzi, Eric Hosmer, Josh Harrison, Erick Aybar, Brandon Phillips, Desmond Jennings, Matt Adams, Neil Walker, Aramis Ramirez, Ian Kennedy, Mark Buehrle, Wily Peralta, Charlie Blackmon, Doug Fister, Jed Lowrie and Xander Bogaerts.

We're just a few minutes away from Wednesday's show, so after you whet your appetite with this clip, be sure to tune in at noon ET.

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