MLB Play by Play - Washington vs. Philadelphia

Nationals 1st
Cory Lidle pitching:
Brad B. Wilkerson:Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Strike swinging, Wilkerson struck out looking.
Jose Vidro:Ball, Foul, Vidro singled to center.
Nick Johnson:Ball, Strike looking, Ball, Johnson flied out to center.
Jose Guillen:Guillen popped out to second.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors)
Phillies 1st
Ryan Drese pitching:
Jimmy Rollins:Ball, Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Rollins singled to center.
Kenny Lofton:Lofton singled to left, Rollins to third.
Chase Utley:Utley singled to center, Rollins scored, Lofton to second.
Bobby Abreu:Strike looking, Foul, Foul, Foul, Ball, Abreu reached on fielder's choice to second, Lofton to third, Utley out at second