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What if there were no trades? No waivers, no minor- or major-league free agency? Once a player becomes a professional, he stays with his original organization for the duration of his career.

In this month-long series, our blog crew will take a look at all 30 team rosters. And, once we're done, well go back and rank them all from worst to first. To track the series, follow us on Twitter @EyeOnBaseball or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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Yankees Padres Twins Pirates Cubs
Derek Jeter. (Getty Images) Jake Peavy. (Getty Images) Torii Hunter. (Getty Images) Jose Bautista. (Getty Images) Ricky Nolasco.
(Derek Jeter, 1996)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 16
(Jake Peavy, 2003)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 8
(Torii Hunter, 1998)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 27
(Jose Bautista, 2006)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 12
(Ricky Nolasco, 2004)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 29
Mariners Mets Reds Royals Braves
Alex Rodriguez. (Getty Images) Heath Bell (Getty Images) Adam Dunn. (Getty Images) Carlos Beltran. (Getty Images) Adam Wainwright.
(A. Rodriguez, 1996)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 1
(Heath Bell, 2005)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 14
(Adam Dunn, 2004)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 18
(Carlos Beltran, 2004)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 10
(A. Wainwright, 2003)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 2
Blue Jays Rockies Diamondbacks Angels Brewers
Roy Halladay. (Getty Images) Matt Holliday. (Getty Images) Carlos Quentin. (Getty Images) Francisco Rodriguez. (Getty Images) Prince Fielder. (Getty Images)
(Roy Halladay, 1998)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 5
(Matt Holliday, 2004)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 19
(C. Quentin, 2005)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 3
(F. Rodriguez, 2002)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 15
(Prince Fielder, 2006)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 25
Rays Phillies White Sox Orioles Nationals
Josh Hamilton. (Getty Images) Gavin Floyd. (Getty Images) Magglio Ordonez. (Getty Images) Jayson Werth. (Getty Images) Vladimir Guerrero. (Getty Images)
(Josh Hamilton, 2001)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 6
(Gavin Floyd, 2005)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 8
(M. Ordonez, 1998)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 24
(Jayson Werth, 1999)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 30
(Vlad Guerrero, 1997)

Roster/Analysis >>
Rank: 9
Red Sox Tigers Astros Dodgers Indians
Hanley Ramirez. (Getty Images) Jair Jurrjens. (Getty Images) Lance Berkman. (Getty Images) Paul Konerko. (Getty Images) Victor Martinez. (Getty Images)
(H. Ramirez, 2005)

Rank: 7
(Jair Jurrjens, 2007)

Rank: 17
(L. Berkman, 1999)

Rank: 21
(Paul Konerko, 1998)

Rank: 4
(V. Martinez, 2005)

Rank: 11
Marlins Giants Athletics Rangers Cardinals
Josh Beckett. (Getty Images) Tim Lincecum. (Getty Images) Andre Ethier. Ryan Dempster. Dan Haren. (Getty Images)
(Josh Beckett, 2002)

Rank: 20
(Tim Lincecum, 2007)

Rank: 22
(Andre Ethier, 2005)

Rank: 26
(R. Dempster, 1996)

Rank: 23
(Dan Haren, 2004)

Rank: 13
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