MLB Injuries

Arizona Diamondbacks
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/10/16Tuffy GosewischCKneeProbable for start of season
02/01/16Evan MarshallRPHeadQuestionable for start of season
Atlanta Braves
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/11/16Max FriedSPElbowProbable for start of season
02/07/16Mike FoltynewiczSPIllnessExpected to be out until at least Apr 15
02/05/16Manny BanuelosSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
02/05/16Jason GrilliRPAchillesProbable for start of season
01/28/16Brady FeiglRPElbowExpected to be out until at least May 1
12/14/15Kolby AllardPBackProbable for start of season
12/14/15Paco RodriguezRPElbowOut for the season
12/14/15Shae SimmonsRPElbowExpected to be out until at least May 25
12/14/15Chris WithrowRPElbowProbable for start of season
Baltimore Orioles
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/08/16Dylan BundySPShoulderProbable for start of season
12/14/15Branden KlineSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Jul 15
Boston Red Sox
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
12/14/15Christian VazquezCElbowProbable for start of season
12/14/15Brandon WorkmanSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Sep 1
Chicago Cubs
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
01/29/16Jonathan PettiboneSPShoulderExpected to be out until at least May 1
01/15/16Kris NegronSSShoulderProbable for start of season
01/04/16Stephen FifeSPElbowProbable for start of season
12/23/15Jack LeathersichRPElbowExpected to be out until at least Sep 30
12/14/15Billy McKinneyRFKneeQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Logan Watkins2BAchillesProbable for start of season
Chicago White Sox
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
12/14/15Jacob TurnerSPElbowProbable for start of season
Cincinnati Reds
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/10/16Homer BaileySPElbowExpected to be out until at least May 15
02/09/16John LambSPBackExpected to be out until at least Apr 15
02/08/16Billy HamiltonCFShoulderProbable for start of season
02/05/16Juan DuranLFSuspensionSuspension until Jul 10
02/02/16Keyvius SampsonSPElbowProbable for start of season
01/26/16Matt MagillSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Jun 1
01/25/16Zack CozartSSKneeQuestionable for start of season
Cleveland Indians
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/09/16T.J. HouseSPShoulderProbable for start of season
02/08/16Craig StammenRPForearmQuestionable for start of season
01/29/16Michael BrantleyLFShoulderExpected to be out until at least May 1
01/09/16Brady AikenSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Zach Walters3BShoulderProbable for start of season
12/10/15Luigi RodriguezRFSuspensionSuspension until Jun 20
Colorado Rockies
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/02/16Tyler ChatwoodSPElbowProbable for start of season
12/14/15Adam OttavinoRPElbowExpected to be out until at least Jul 1
12/10/15Tyler AndersonSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
Detroit Tigers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/09/16Shane GreeneSPHandQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Anibal SanchezSPShoulderProbable for start of season
Houston Astros
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/11/16Eury PerezCFHandProbable for start of season
02/10/16Evan GattisDHLower BodyExpected to be out until at least Apr 20
12/14/15Kent EmanuelSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Jun 1
12/14/15Kyle SmithSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
12/10/15Pat NeshekRPFootProbable for start of season
Kansas City Royals
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/11/16Omar Infante2BElbowProbable for start of season
02/10/16Brian FlynnRPBackProbable for start of season
01/26/16Greg HollandRPElbowOut for the season
12/14/15Tim CollinsRPElbowQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Jason VargasSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Aug 1
Los Angeles Angels
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
12/14/15Albert Pujols1BFootQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Tyler SkaggsSPElbowProbable for start of season
Los Angeles Dodgers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/09/16Walker BuehlerPElbowExpected to be out until at least Aug 1
02/08/16Hyun-Jin RyuSPShoulderExpected to be out until at least Apr 15
02/03/16Lisalverto BonillaRPElbowExpected to be out until at least Jul 1
01/30/16Brandon McCarthySPElbowExpected to be out until at least Jun 21
01/29/16Enrique Hernandez2BShoulderProbable for start of season
01/29/16Justin Turner3BKneeProbable for start of season
01/26/16Josh RavinRPUndisclosedQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Yasmani GrandalCShoulderProbable for start of season
Miami Marlins
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/03/16Don Kelly3BElbowQuestionable for start of season
02/01/16Preston ClaiborneRPShoulderProbable for start of season
12/14/15David PhelpsSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
Milwaukee Brewers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/09/16Nick HagadoneRPElbowExpected to be out until at least May 1
02/03/16Ryan BraunRFBackQuestionable for start of season
01/31/16Ramon FloresLFAnkleProbable for start of season
12/14/15Taylor WilliamsSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Sep 1
Minnesota Twins
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
12/15/15Wilfredo TovarSSConcussionProbable for start of season
12/14/15Mason MelotakisRPElbowProbable for start of season
12/14/15Lewis ThorpeSPElbowExpected to be out until at least May 1
12/10/15Adrian SalcedoRPSuspensionSuspension until Aug 1
New York Mets
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/08/16Ruben TejadaSSLegProbable for start of season
02/06/16Wilmer FloresSSAnkleProbable for start of season
02/03/16Zack WheelerSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Jul 1
01/29/16Brandon NimmoCFFootProbable for start of season
01/26/16Josh EdginRPElbowExpected to be out until at least May 1
12/14/15Marcos MolinaSPElbowOut for the season
12/14/15Domingo TapiaSPElbowProbable for start of season
12/10/15Jenrry MejiaRPSuspensionSuspension until Aug 1
12/10/15Hansel RoblesRPSuspensionSuspension until Apr 8
New York Yankees
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/09/16Masahiro TanakaSPElbowProbable for start of season
02/05/16Diego MorenoRPElbowProbable for start of season
02/01/16Greg Bird1BShoulderOut for the season
01/29/16Domingo GermanSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
01/28/16Ty HensleyRPElbowQuestionable for start of season
01/26/16Carlos CorporanCThumbProbable for start of season
12/23/15Cesar PuelloRFBackProbable for start of season
12/10/15Luis TorrensCShoulderProbable for start of season
Oakland Athletics
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
01/31/16Jesse HahnSPForearmQuestionable for start of season
01/29/16Stephen VogtCElbowProbable for start of season
12/19/15Henderson AlvarezSPShoulderExpected to be out until at least Apr 15
12/14/15Jarrod ParkerSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
Philadelphia Phillies
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/02/16Matt HarrisonSPBackExpected to be out until at least Jul 1
01/22/16Mario HollandsRPElbowExpected to be out until at least Apr 30
Pittsburgh Pirates
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/02/16Nick KinghamSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Aug 1
01/26/16Casey SadlerSPForearmExpected to be out until at least Sep 1
01/17/16Cole TuckerSSShoulderExpected to be out until at least Jun 1
12/14/15Jesse BiddleSPElbowOut for the season
12/14/15Brandon CumptonSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Jung Ho Kang3BKneeQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Blake TaylorSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Sep 1
San Diego Padres
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/11/16Cory LuebkeSPElbowProbable for start of season
02/06/16Fernando RodneyRPLegProbable for start of season
02/04/16Ryan ButlerRPSuspensionSuspension until May 31
01/26/16Josh JohnsonSPElbowOut for the season
San Francisco Giants
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
01/27/16Kyle Blanks1BAchillesQuestionable for start of season
Seattle Mariners
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
01/28/16Jesus SucreCLegExpected to be out until at least Jul 28
St. Louis Cardinals
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
01/28/16Jeremy HefnerSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Sep 30
01/26/16Carlos MartinezSPShoulderProbable for start of season
01/13/16Lance LynnSPElbowOut for the season
12/14/15Yadier MolinaCThumbQuestionable for start of season
12/10/15Alex ReyesSPSuspensionSuspension until May 31
Tampa Bay Rays
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
12/14/15Alex CobbSPElbowExpected to be out until at least Jun 1
12/14/15Chase WhitleyRPElbowExpected to be out until at least Sep 1
Texas Rangers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/11/16Colby LewisSPKneeProbable for start of season
02/09/16Josh HamiltonLFKneeProbable for start of season
01/27/16Nick TepeschSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
01/23/16Yu DarvishSPElbowExpected to be out until at least May 15
01/20/16Jurickson Profar2BShoulderProbable for start of season
01/06/16Alex ClaudioRPGroinProbable for start of season
12/10/15Michael BianucciLFSuspensionSuspension until Apr 1
Toronto Blue Jays
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
01/30/16Clinton HollonSPSuspensionSuspension until May 15
01/29/16Maicer Izturis2BShoulderQuestionable for start of season
12/14/15Max PentecostCShoulderProbable for start of season
12/14/15Devon Travis2BShoulderExpected to be out until at least Apr 15
Washington Nationals
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/09/16Sean BurnettSPElbowQuestionable for start of season
01/28/16Bronson ArroyoSPElbowProbable for start of season
12/14/15Aaron BarrettRPElbowExpected to be out until at least Aug 1
Thu Feb 11 22:39:11 EST 2016

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