2014 MLB regular season: Looking at player over/unders

I bought a hundred of these -- one for every base I'm gonna steal.
'I bought a hundred of these -- one for every base I'm gonna steal.' (USATSI)

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With the 2014 Major League Baseball just season just about to get underway -- aside from those pesky two Australia games -- let's take a look at some of the prop bets available on Bovada.lv.

For the full list, go to the actual site. I'm gonna pick out five over/unders from each particular stat listed below that I found most intriguing.

To reiterate: These are not the only players listed among the over/unders, nor are these the top five in any given category. They are cherry-picked for fun.

Batting average

Miguel Cabrera, .325
Mike Trout, .320
Ryan Braun, .300
Albert Pujols, .290
Derek Jeter, .280

Home runs

Chris Davis, 39.5
Giancarlo Stanton, 38.5
Bryce Harper, 26.5
Robinson Cano, 26.5
Wil Myers, 24.5


Paul Goldschmidt, 115.5
David Ortiz, 95.5
Joey Votto, 90.5
Brandon Phillips, 84.5
Ryan Howard, 79.5


Mike Trout, 115.5
Matt Carpenter, 105.5
Shin-Soo Choo, 100.5
Jacoby Ellsbury, 99.5
Ian Kinsler, 95.5

Stolen bases

Billy Hamilton, 63.5
Everth Cabrera, 49.5
Jose Altuve, 35.5
Coco Crisp, 29.5
Brett Gardner, 27.5


Max Scherzer, 16.5
Stephen Strasburg, 15.5
Felix Hernandez, 14.5
Gerrit Cole, 12
Sonny Gray, 12


Jose Fernandez, 2.99
David Price, 3.05
Cliff Lee, 3.10
Matt Cain, 3.30
Masahiro Tanaka, 3.60


Yu Darvish, 250.5
Clayton Kershaw, 235.5
Chris Sale, 225.5
Justin Verlander, 219.5
Jeff Samardzija, 215.5


Joe Nathan, 40.5
Greg Holland, 39.5
David Robertson, 34.5
Trevor Rosenthal, 33.5
John Axford, 32.5

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