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Yes, three games are already in the books, but today is officially Opening Day. Welcome to the start of the 2014 regular season. Your three dreadnaught Eye On Baseball bloggers -- Matt Snyder, Mike Axisa and Dayn Perry -- will be here all day and night to live-blog the Opening Day action, so check back often for updates.


Watch on as Buster Posey hits a ball hard and also far in the Giants' eventual win over the Diamondacks ... 

To repeat: Hard, also far.

You need to know this: There's a blog devoted to tracking how many snot-rockets Giants Opening Day starter Madison Bumgarner expels each time he takes the mound. You needed to know that, you see. 

(HT: @robertobeers)

This isn't new, but it is going around today. And it is glorious. Best of all, it's shot vertically, in keeping with Internet Best Practices ... 

You might perceive the following as evidence that the Athletics have trouble filling the DH spot, or you might perceive it as evidence that the Athletics see the DH spot as being particularly easy to fill and thus not worthy of long-term investment. Discuss!

On pain of ridicule, teams must have vaguely civic-related things race around the field between innings, which prompts the people to stand, raise fists and shout unifying slogans. Here is what the Marlins now choose to meet these requirements ... 

I see no downside.

So the Giants' Opening Day Twitter promo is pretty smooth ... 

Consider this your clubhouse leader for "Best Photo of Opening Day" ... 

From earlier today, here's Grady Sizemore's first home run since July 15, 2011 ... 

Obviously, the Sox are pleased not only with Sizemore's health so far but also his effectiveness. He could be a huge low-cost addition for them this season. Developing!

On the other hand, it's of course worth noting that the Orioles prevailed in this one by a score of 2-1. 

So here's some pretty awesome point-of-view footage of the Navy Parachute Team dropping in on Petco before last night's Dodgers-Padres tilt. Check it out ... 

(HT: @MLBCathedrals)

OK, this is a relief to all of us here at Eye On Baseball. Nick and Vanessa Lachey found somewhere to watch the Reds' game:

ICYMI last night, here's Juan Uribe's world-championship leisure wear ... 

Here is the always fun slo-mo view of R.A. Dickey's knuckleball. Pay extra attention to Ben Zobrist's face:

Here is Neil Walker's aforementioned walk-off homer. Make sure you take notice of Carlos Villanueva's glorious mustache first:

This is pretty fast

As promised, here is Alex Gonzalez's walk-off single for the Tigers:

The second walk-off hit of 2014 followed a few minutes later. Neil Walker of the Pirates did the honors with a solo homer against the Cubs.

So, either Chase Utley had a really long at-bat on Monday, or MLB.com's Gameday is a little wonky:

Leaning towards Gameday being wonky, but I wouldn't put it past Utley to have an at-bat that long.

We crossed a few "2014 firsts" off the list this afternoon. To recap:

First walk-off win: Tigers over Royals 4-3 on Alex Gonzalez's single.
• First closer to blow a save: Bobby Parnell, who allowed a game-tying single to Denard Span.
• First extra-inning game: Cubs at Pirates, tied at ... zero! Follow with our new Gametracker right here.

Video of the walk-off single will be posted when available.

Curious what the CBSSports.com offices look like today? Here you go:

So who did you expect to hit the first grand slam of 2014? Miguel Cabrera? Chris Davis? Giancarlo Stanton? Nope, nope and nope. It was Jimmy Rollins:

The grand slam gave the Phillies at 6-0 lead over the Rangers. Two innings later, the score was 7-7. It was not a good afternoon for either Tanner Scheppers or Cliff Lee.

Who made the first hilarious base-running mistake of Opening Day? Here's the answer:

Welcome to TOOTBLAN City, Carlos Gomez. Population: you.

And, just in case you're wondering, the Brewers faithful gave Ryan Braun a standing ovation in his first at-bat of the season. He flew out to left field.

Barry Bonds is in Pittsburgh to present Andrew McCutchen with his MVP award. Bonds won two of his seven MVPs with the Bucs.

Look at that sky in Pittsburgh. Picture perfect day for baseball.

Indeed, I love Opening Day as well.

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Opening Day will not be a national holiday, but that won't stop us from enjoying it. Mariano Rivera sure loves it:

Baseball's back, y'all.

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