2014 Over/unders: Toronto Blue Jays

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Will Mr. Reyes manage to play more than 135 games this season? Please place your wagers. (USATSI)

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What are we doing here? Why, we're glad you asked:

As part of our preview of the 2014 season to come, let's roll out a few "over/unders" for each team. That is, we'll assign a number to 10 different categories that, in their own way, will predict one facet of the season ahead. In turn, you, the loyal commenter, will let us know whether you take the "over" or "under" for each category. Stated another way, will the actual figure be higher or lower than the one we've presented? Remember, we're talking 2014 season and 2014 season only.

This installment brings us the over/under offerings for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Wins: 77.5

Finish in the AL East: 3.5

Number of pitchers to start at least one game: 9

Number of pitchers to start at least 25 games: 2.5

Combined home runs from Edwin Encarnacion/Jose Bautista: 74

Jose Reyes games played: 135

Melky Cabrera batting average: .284

Mark Buehrle innings pitched: 200

Brandon Morrow ERA: 4.33

Brett Lawrie HR+SB: 28

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