All-Star Game Remember When: Reggie Jackson's light tower blast

As we continue our series on great All-Star Game moments, let us go back to the classic Tiger Stadium for the 1971 Midsummer Classic and witness what is likely the longest home run in All-Star Game history, courtesy of a young Athletics outfielder by the name of Reggie Jackson:

We have to say it was "likely" the longest homer in All-Star history because the data for every home run ever hit doesn't exist. Suffice it say, however, if a ball were hit over 500 feet in the most distant past, surely some lore would exist in the baseball world.

Because this one appears to have been well past 500 feet.

According to Home Run Tracker, Jackson's blast would have gone 532 feet had it not hit the tranformer at the base of the light tower in right-center field. Check out the trajectory, with the green dot being where the ball hit and the red dot being the projected landing spot, had nothing gotten in the ball's path -- with current Tigers' ballpark Comerica Park as the overlay. Again, this is via Home Run Tracker:

That's some serious power by Mr. October, before he was known by that moniker, obviously.

Friday in our "Remember When" entry, we're going to go way back -- to a point most people reading definitely don't personally remember.

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