Brewers announce finalists for design-a-uniform contest

You might recall that the Brewers of Milwaukee -- in a bold stroke for the forces of democracy -- held a contest allowing us rank-and-filers to design a spring-training uniform. Now, at long last, we now have our three finalists. Please drink deeply ...

Here's Ron's entry:

This from Ben:

And this from Nicholas:

I don't use the phrase "Towering Hero of the Republic" lightly when I call Ron a Towering Hero of the Republic. From the sleeve patch to the striped stirrups to the glorious prominence of the mb-glove logo, his design is the quintessence of Milwaukee and the cheese curds and domestic swill coursing through those city streets. ¡Viva la Sconnie!, it bellows.

While you may vote for any of three entries that you see above, only a vote for Ron is objectively defensible.

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