Brewers' Ryan Braun can talk and fly at the same time -- just ask Jeter

KANSAS CITY -- The NL set an All-Star Game record with three triples in Tuesday's 8-0 win and, with apologies to Rafael Furcal, the three-baggers struck by Pablo Sandoval and Ryan Braun were the two most entertaining of the night.

Sandoval's for obvious reasons. It was a bases-loaded job, and who doesn't love to see the man they call Kung Fu Panda in full sprint?

Braun's came in the fourth inning, and the entertainment value was a little more subtle. Maybe you noticed him yapping as he rounded second base with the baseball still being retrieved by right fielder Jose Bautista?

"I was yelling at Derek," said Braun, referring to, yes, Derek Jeter. "He was yelling for the baseball. I was telling him there's no chance you're going to get me, so don't even try to throw it to third."

He was chuckling while recalling the moment, which came on a night in which the NL could do no wrong.

In fact, Braun doubled in the first inning and nearly dropped another hit into right field in the second inning, but Beltran was able to catch it.

Had that dropped for a single, there was talk in the NL dugout between manager Tony La Russa and one of his coaches, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke, about leaving Braun in the game as long as he had the chance to hit for the cycle.

"I think they would have allowed me to stay in the game," Braun said.

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