Brewers seriously thinking about making a play for Josh Hamilton

The Brewers believe Milwaukee is a viable market for Josh Hamilton. (US Presswire)

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Milwaukee Brewers are seriously considering a run at superstar free-agent outfielder Josh Hamilton, according to people familiar with their thinking.

The Brewers believe Milwaukee is a viable market for Hamilton, and it doesn't hurt that their hitting coach is Johnny Narron, who is very close to Hamilton from their days together in Cincinnati and Texas. Narron was Hamilton's original "life coach'' with the Reds and Rangers. In Texas, he generally thrived and is credited for having only two relapses.

Brewers owner Mark Attanasio declined comment on a possible try for Hamilton.

Hamilton's market is going to be interesting, as he's a supremely talented player with some obvious issues. He has made a nice recovery after early drug troubles derailed his career, but this season he was hindered by a variety of minor ailments, including an eye issues and other things. Hamilton still hit 43 home runs and had 128 RBI to go with a .285 batting average.

The Brewers have had a very successful run under Attanasio. They kept superstar Ryan Braun on a $20-million-a-year deal through 2020. While they attempted to sign CC Sabathia and Prince Fielder to long-term deals, they were unable to do so.

Milwaukee mighthave a tough time competing financially if one of the most major markets becomes involved. But at least the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers aren't expected to play here, and the incumbent Rangers aren't going to make an early offer, so the Brewers' chances could be better than one might think.

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