Bud Norris doesn't think much of Jonathan Singleton's new contract

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As noted in this very space, Astros prospect Jonathan Singleton on Monday signed a five-year deal worth around $10 million in addition to three team-friendly club options (i.e., they'll be picked up only if he's worth it). Provided he's sensible with his money then Singleton is set for life, but, at the same time, if he even comes close to meeting expectations, then he's given the Astros a massive bargain. 

That's not lost on former Astro and current Oriole Bud Norris, who tweeted out this on Monday night:

In almost any other walk of life, Mr. Norris could be rightly told to mind his own darn business. However, baseball's economic structure is such that every contract that extends into player's arbitration-eligible and free-agent years becomes part of the model upon which future contracts are based. In that sense, this is about more than just Singleton's personal choices, at least according to Norris's presumed line of thinking. 

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