Chris Getz and the best walk-up music in Major League Baseball

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Choosing one's own walk-up music is all the rage these days in baseball. That is, each player in the majors -- and many lower levels on down to even some high schools -- picks a song that will be played as he walks up to bat. Bullpen pitchers -- think Mariano Rivera coming in to Metallica's Enter Sandman -- and some starters do so as well.

For Chris Getz of the Royals, here's his choice:

Recognize it? Kids from the 1980s (raises hand!), we should all know this one. Check it out, from the 10- to 21-second marks of this video:

RBI Baseball! Man, the music during game play really takes me back. I'm not ashamed to admit I watched to the end and was sad we didn't get to see what happened in the Darryl Strawberry at-bat.

I feel like bringing in Juan Berenguer to throw 100 mph fastballs right now.

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