Darren Baker: Quite possibly a big fan of 'The Bobblehead Project'

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You'll recall that in this sacred space we occasionally roll out an episode of "The Bobblehead Project" -- our serialized adventures in the land of pretend memoribilia. (Here, for instance, is a representative entry.)

It wasn't so long ago that we memorialized J.T. Snow's daring home-plate rescue of young Darren Baker during the 2002 World Series. Here's what that looked like ... 

Fetching, no?

Well, it so happens that this particular entry caught the eye of one Dusty Baker, who asked if such a bobblehead were available. Sadly, it is not, as these bobbleheads are, at this writing, imprisoned in the wasteland of our imagination. 

We did, however, present young Darren with an artist's rendering of our fake bobblehead, and, courtesy of the Reds, here's photographic evidence that Darren, co-star of the bobblehead in question, seems to approve ... 

Thanks again, Darren, for being a good sport. And thanks again for doing this and emerging from it all without a scratch ... 

Oh, and thanks to you, too, J.T. Snow.

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