Did Josh Beckett play golf while injured?

Josh BeckettYou should sit down for this: there's more controversy in Boston.

The Red Sox, no strangers to palace intrigue this season or any other, are now dealing with another possible upheaval. This time it's the rumor, first reported on 98.5 The Sports Hub, that Josh Beckett, despite being sidelined with a lat injury, recently undertook a round of golf.

The Boston Herald reports that manager Bobby Valentine, during his weekly appearance on WEEI, addressed the rumors in glorious Valentine-speak: "I don’t know that I’m aware of it,” said Valentine. “I’m aware of the story being out there. I haven’t gotten to Josh about that yet. I’m trying to sort out my feelings.”

Once the necessary feelings are indeed sorted out, Valentine will, as he went on to say, talk to Beckett about (allegedly) being sighted on the fairways not long after being scratched from a start. “Golf is part of the culture of baseball,” Valentine also said. “I don’t know the specifics of the situation. I have no idea, so it’s hard for me to comment on it. If that was the case, I would say that was less than the best thing to do on the day off.”

The Herald also notes that Valentine was already at least a little miffed at Beckett for not reporting his lat discomfort sooner.

Obviously, this would be a non-story if Beckett weren't in too much discomfort to pitch. It's of course possible that one can be healthy enough to play golf while not being healthy enough to throw a cowhide orb 90-plus miles-per-hour over and over again, but if nothing else it's a bad idea insofar as appearances are concerned. And, at last check, this is Boston, where such things are matters of grave and solemn concern.

No word yet on whether Beckett was also in possession of chicken, beer and video games at the time of his alleged golfing.

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