Dinnerware of the Day: The A's 'Chip & Chili platter'

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History teaches us that Benjamin Franklin celebrated his disovering electricity by, in yet another spasm of enterprising genius, combining Fritos with a steaming can of Hormel No Beans Chili. Thenceforth, freedom-loving people the world over have been pairing chips with chili. Now, in an effort to remind us that the union of chips and chili shall never be sundered, the Athletics of Oakland are giving what follows to baseball-goers on June 1 of this year ... 


Boundless gratitude to A's bench coach Chip Hale and hitting coach Chili Davis for inspiring the vessel for delicious chow you see above. This is precisely the kind of soaring and beautous culmination that Ben Franklin envisioned when he invented nachos in 1974. 

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