Don't question David Price's curveball

While perusing Twitter on, yes, a slow baseball news day, I noticed someone tried to taunt Rays ace David Price about his curveball. You see, someone earlier had called Price perfect, to which he humbly replied that he isn't perfect and has his flaws. Which led to this exchange:

First of all, it's pretty lame to talk smack to the AL Cy Young Award winner from your computer about taking him deep. But let's set that aside and instead focus on Price's claim. Is he correct that his curve is highly rated by sabermetric measures?

The short answer is yes, The Price is Right.

Over on, we can see Price ranked eighth last season in curve ball value among all MLB pitchers. If we go to value with the curve per 100 pitches, Price is up to fourth. For more information on the rating system, it has an explanation page.

And, yes, there's certainly some imprecision here, as there will always be with attempting to put a figure on the effectiveness of a pitch, but the numbers show the 2012 AL Cy Young winner was quite studly with his curveball last season. Kudos to the Vanderbilt grad for being astute enough to know the figures and for correcting this fan on Twitter.

Chest-bump to my boy Dayn Perry for helping me find the saber values. 

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