Eric Hinske's suspension reduced to one game

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One of the more head-scratching suspensions stemming from the Diamondbacks-Dodgers brawl this month was the five-gamer slapped on D-Backs bench player Eric Hinske. Major League Baseball has reached out to Hinske's agent and notified him that it will reduce the suspension to one game.

“He said they had new video and are admitting they made a mistake, and they wanted to bring it down to one game,” Hinske said (

In return, Hinske has dropped his appeal and will sit out Tuesday night's game against the Nationals.

“Part of me still wants to appeal it because I feel like I did nothing wrong,” Hinske said ( “But bringing it down four games is pretty drastic. And the union wanted me to take it. I agreed that it was the right thing to do, and I’m going to serve it today.”

The suspension seemed so out of line from the get-go that even some Dodgers players told media that they were surprised by it.

As can be seen from around the 30-second mark close to the middle of the screen in the video below, Hinske seemed to make contact with Yasiel Puig in an attempt to fend him off -- and then was punched in the middle of the back by Puig.

The Hinske suspension -- combined with Puig not getting suspended at all -- immediately drew the ire of the Diamondbacks, and Hinske appealed. It still seems a bit ridiculous that Hinske is suspended for even one game -- especially considering MLB reportedly told Hinske's agent that it realized he never threw a punch -- but he has agreed to it, so it's probably time to move on.

Hinske, 35, is hitting .173/.246/.288 with a homer and six RBI this season.

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