Eye on Photos: Historic Fenway Park set for World Series

Boston Strong, baby.
Boston Strong, baby.

More photos: Fenway Park, Ted Williams and the red seat

BOSTON - During media day and workouts Tuesday in Fenway Park, I took the time to walk all around -- inside and out -- the legendary Fenway Park. Take a walk with me ...

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Different eras are on display through the concourse.
True story.
Banners of Hall of Famers and retired numbers along the outside of the first-base side.  The view from the field during Cardinals batting practice.
Pesky's pole, autographed up by fans.

The view from one of baseball's most famous foul poles, just 302 feet away from home. 
A nice view of the press box area.
It's the scene of Torii Hunter falling over and the cop celebrating!
It's a monster!
Red Sox logos through the years, on display close to the media elevator. 
More of the logos.  Old school, and quite small, seats through several areas of the ballpark. 
Is this true, opposing fans?
Honioring Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky and Bobby Doerr.
The view from atop the Green Monster.  Old School. 
Check out the fan to the left, drying off the paint job on Tuesday.  The field box seats have the most narrow walkways I've ever seen. I have a size 10 shoe and it was roughly 1.5 of my feet, length-wise between each section. 

BONUS: I'm not done yet.

The Yaz Door. I'll allow it to explain:

Yes, the beards all have names. This is hanging on Yawkey Way.

The view from The Triangle, 420 feet away from home plate.

The view from the furthest seat away just to the side of the press box. There really isn't a bad (unobstructed) seat in the house.

Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski.

Hall of Famer Ted Williams.

Hopefully this was fun for the people who have never been to Fenway Park. It's my first time and I enjoyed taking the pictures. Now let's play ball.

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