Eye on Photos: Pitchers and catchers report

As of Tuesday, every team's pitchers and catchers have reported. So while Baseball Season hasn't begun, the no-less-cherished and all-inclusive Season of Baseball has indeed commenced. Let us mark this Holy Day of Baseball Obligation -- pitchers and catchers and the reporting thereof -- with some choice photographic images.

Come with me, won't you?

They're spreading dirt -- lovely and talented dirt -- at Cubs camp in Arizona. (US Presswire)

Putting on a new coat of paint at the spring home of the presently undefeated Astros. (AP)

Unlike in the World Series, the Detroit bats have arrived at spring training. (AP)

The Cardinals performing stretches, presumably under threat of discipline. (B.J. Rains)

Braves prospect Christian Bethancourt, kind enough to take his cuts in dramatic silhouette.

Along those same lines, Marlins prospect Dan Jennings was kind enough to play long toss in front of a sprawling, cloud-dappled horizon. (AP)

At Marlins camp, some batting gloves are jammed in the fence, Little League-style. Those gloves would prefer to play for a contender. Perhaps they will be traded. (AP)

R.A. Dickey and his trusty knuckle-piece are in Blue Jays camp. (AP)

R.A. Dickey and his trusty knuckle-piece (not pictured, though implied) seem existentially delighted to be in Blue Jays camp. (AP)

New Pirates catcher Russell Martin remembered to pack an inspiring T-shirt. Like the Tigers, he also remembered to bring bats. (AP)

Contrary to God's intentions, it rained in Arizona. (AP)

Terry Steinbach, board-certified Mr. Miyagi of catching. (AP)

Nothing says "spring training" quite like a lefty specialist (Eric O'Flaherty in this instance) attempting a no-look snag of a fly ball. Also, nothing says "spring training" quite like the words "spring training."

Happy baseball.

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