Felix Millan knew how to choke up on a bat

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It's the offseason, and free agency has yet to commence in any real regard. That is to say, not much is happening, which explains why I'm posting on Felix Millan, who retired in 1977, and the extent to which he choked up on the bat. To preempt: No, this is not news, but neither are you. 

Now here is Felix Millan with the Braves in 1970 ... 

You'll note that he's choking up on the bat to an extent not before dreamed possible. 

Here is a freshly mustachioed Felix Millan with the Mets in 1976 ... 

It is not a matter of historical record that Felix Millan's bat/hand placement was the structural inspiration for Darth Maul's red-bladed saber staff, but it should be. 

Finally, here is Felix Millan in retirement, still a prisoner to his habits ... 

Of Felix Millan's 1,614 career hits, 1,328 were singles. One could argue Felix Millan was asking for it. 

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