'Forbes' releases annual MLB team valuations

Are these filled with unmarked bills? Maybe ... (Getty Images)

Forbes, the magazine for the discerning executive with a putting green in his office, has released its annual valuations of MLB franchises. As noted in the intro, the average MLB team is valued at almost $750 million, which constitutes a healthy gain over year-ago levels -- the biggest percentage gain since Forbes started undertaking this exercise back in 1998.

There's always some guesswork involved in said estimations, but Forbes is fairly adept at the "deductive accounting" necessary to evaluate privately held entities such as these. You'll no doubt hear owners wail about how off Forbes is, but the larger truth -- that MLB teams are, in the main, wildly profitable -- is unassailble.

Anyhow, the Yankees, as is their birthright, top the roll call with an estimated worth of $2.3 billion and an estimated operating income (i.e., profits minus expenses) of $1.4 milllion. Next are the Dodgers with a healthy valuation of $1.615 billion.

The most profitable club? The Cubs top all comers with an operating income for 2012 of $32.1 million. Also worth noting is that the supposedly suffering A's check in with an operating income not far below the Cubs' lofty figure.

The Mets, Angels, Tigers, Blue Jays and Marlins are the lone teams tabbed with an operating loss for 2012.

Again, though, all of this is according to the best guesses of Forbes.

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