Frank McCourt will still be making money off the Dodgers

Frank McCourt

Dodger fans better get used to the idea of continuing to line the pockets of Frank McCourt because that's precisely what's going to happen.

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reports that the new Dodger ownership group has agreed to pay an annual rental of $14 million for use of the Dodger Stadium parking lots. The company that owns the parking lots is in turn half-owned by McCourt. While it's not certain how much money will be going to McCourt, it is certain that some money will be going to McCourt. This new reality is important, in that it contradicts an earlier ESPN Los Angeles report that stated no parking revenues would be headed McCourt's reviled way.

At this point, I suppose, you must credit McCourt for working his tentacles so deeply into the organization that not even a wholesale change in ownership has been able to stop him from making money off the team. Yes, he's gone, but Frankie Parking Lots knows his parking lots. And so, despite earlier assurances, the checks will keep coming.

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