Game 2 lineups: Pitcher's ump behind the plate

SAN FRANCISCO -- Coming to you live from the most important dry-erase board in all of sports, here are your Tigers and Giants lineups for Game 2 of the World Series:

A lefty on the mound for the opposition almost always means Gerald Laird and Avisail Garcia will be in Jim Leyland's lineup. So it is for Game 2. While Laird has shown a reverse platoon split in 2012, he's been better against the opposite side over the balance of his career, as you would expect. He's caught nine of Doug Fister's 26 starts this season. Elsewhere, it's standard plug-and-play for Bruce Bochy, as he makes no changes from Game 1 (why would he?). 

Definitely worth noting: Calling balls and strikes for Game 2 will be home-plate ump Dan Iassogna. According to the umpiring data availble at Baseball Prospectus, Iassogna profiles as a pronounced pitcher's ump. He has one of the lowest called walk rates of any umpire (69th out of 82), and he has the highest strikeout rate of all. That's certainly something to keep in mind, and that's potentially good news for the struggling Madison Bumgarner

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