George Brett (understandably) cusses out autograph hound

So here are some links to videos of George Brett telling an autograph seeker this is the "last f****** time" he'll sign him an autograph and laying into him with a few choice words.

Edited TV news version with naughty words beeped out

Unedited NSFW version with multiple F-bombs on YouTube

With no context, the Royals legend comes off looking pretty bad, obviously. But things without context quite often get misconstrued. Thankfully, this autograph seeker, Brandon Farrens, was interviewed by the local news. brings us the following important context to the situation:

Farrens said he has asked for Brett's signature about 35 times and gotten it about 15 times. He does consider himself an autograph collector and admits that he has sold Brett's autographs before.

"All he had to say was, 'no' or ignore me," Farrens told KCTV5 over the phone early Thursday morning.

KCTV5 attempted to speak with Brett Wednesday night. Toby Cook, spokesman for the Royals, said Brett regrets using a poor choice of words and the tone of the encounter. He said Brett was tired from his flight.

However, Cook said Brett does not regret the message. Brett claims that the autograph hound has gotten numerous autographs from the Royals great, which the fan has then sold, and Brett is tired of the man's relentless demands and behavior. Brett just wants the man to leave him alone.

Um, yeah, I'm on Brett's side here. Not only is this clown running him down and bothering him repeatedly, but he's also profiting off Brett's goodwill in voluntarily signing his autograph. That's not cool.

Oh, there's also this, from

Court records in Missouri indicate that in 2011 a protection order was sought against Farrens but the details of those records have been sealed.

We don't know that the order was sought by Brett. It could have been any number of famous people, because ...

Farrens' Facebook page is filled with pictures of him with celebrities including athletes like Dexter McCluster and Andrew Wiggins to musicians like Snoop Doggy Dogg and Merle Haggard.

Good grief, man, get a life. Celebrities are real people. Human beings. Please stop stalking them and allow them to live their lives.

As for George Brett, he was probably being as nice as many of us could have mustered in a situation like that. This Farrens dude is lucky he hasn't been slugged in the face -- not that I necessarily condone that, of course.

Wink of the CBS eye: Big League Stew

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