GIF, AUDIO: You've never seen a 'double play' like this one

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It's the second inning of the Rangers-Mariners game on Friday night. Seattle catcher Jesus Sucre (translation: Sweet Jesus!) grounds one to the right side, Mitch Moreland starts the turn, and then the most excellent Elvis Andrus flings it back first-ward to complete the 3-6-3 and ...

Justin Grimm steals it from first baseman Moreland!

That's curious enough, but the tragi-comic beauty of it is that it was ruled a double play on the field -- i.e., the umps thought the ball settled into Moreland's glove.

Once more, for adequate emphasis: It was ruled a double play, and said ruling stood.

Seattle manager Eric Wedge argued, but the sedate nature of his protest suggests that he thought something more banal happened, like Moreland's foot slipping off the bag. Had he known the grim truth (pun!), he surely would've gone banana-town.

Now, listen to the mounting amazement of the Rangers' broadcast team ...

Slow clap for everyone involved. I realize it was the wrong call and a horrible play by Grimm, but I don't want to live in a world in which this sequence of events never came to pass.

(Wink of CBS eye for the GIF: Reddit Baseball)

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