GIF: Chris Robinson, meet Karim Garcia

In the bottom of the fourth inning Saturday in the World Baseball Classic, Karim Garcia of Team Mexico was attempting to score and was thrown out at home plate. But the play was far more interesting than that.

Garcia levels Canadian catcher Chris Robinson, who held onto the ball. Here it is, thanks to Cork Gaines (who is an excellent Twitter follow, by the way, especially for Rays fans):

Now, there are a few things of note here.

First of all, multiple replay angles appear to confirm that Robinson never actually tagged Garcia. And you'll note in the above GIF that the umpire doesn't immediately call Garcia out. On extended replays, it's clear that the umpire never called Garcia out until he left the vicinity of home plate, meaning when he left the baseline.

Note that Garcia never touched home plate. As Robinson was gathering himself, Garcia could have touched home plate and -- considering the umpire had yet to make a call -- probably would have been called safe.

Also, Robinson is several feet up the baseline when Garcia runs into him. According to MLB rules, a runner has the right to an unobstructed path to a base. Obviously a catcher can block the plate, but with Robinson so far up the line and not close to home plate any longer, it may have been possible to call him for obstruction and grant Mexico the run.

So, yeah, it was an all-around interesting play.

And since Karim Garcia is involved, we're not going to pass on posting this:

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