GIF: The ball hit Travis Snider's face in fair territory, so it's a double

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In your scorebooks, record the following as "2B-TSUF" -- i.e., "double off Travis Snider's unsuspecting face ... 

We can make light of this because Snider was OK and remained in the game. Initially the ball was ruled foul; however, upon review it was determined that the ball struck the face of the Pirates outfielder in fair territory, and Todd Frazier of the Reds was granted a double. 

Here's how GameTracker called it ... 

(Note: Call-to-action red arrow helpfully added.) The guess here is that Mr. Snider in general and Mr. Snider's battered chompers in particular would dispute the choice of adverbs. 

In any event, Mr. Snider later proved that living well is the best revenge, as he tallied a gentlemanly homer in the next half inning. 

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