GIF: Ump Brad Myers carted off field after taking line drive to the biscuits

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As fans, I think we often take for granted just how fast the game moves on the field. The reaction time is often nil, especially went talking about line drives. Those suckers are scary.

During Monday afternoon's Reds vs. Indians game, umpire Brad Myers had to be carted off the field after being hit by a line drive in ... well, in his manly parts. Here's the play:

There was no replay during the broadcast, so that's the only view we have. You get a pretty good idea of what happened though. Can't help but feel for Myers as he lays there face down. That's frightening stuff and it's not funny whatsoev...

Dammit Brandon Phillips.

Myers got up and walked over to the cart under his own power before being taken off the field for medical attention. He tipped his cap to the crowd before leaving.

As a fellow guy, I sincerely hope Myers is okay.

(GIFs via Baseball Nation)

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