GIF: Your undisputed jerk of ALCS Game 2

BOSTON -- Tigers Alex Avila crushed a two-run homer off Clay Buchholz to give his team a 5-0 lead in the sixth inning not too long ago. The ball wound up in the possession of a lovely young lady beyond the bullpens in right field, at least until this jerk ripped it from her hands and threw it back on the field:

Okay, first of all, throwing a ball back on the field is dumb. Give it to a kid if you don't want it. Two, ripping it from someone else's hands and throwing it back is inexcusable. Truly awful.

UPDATE: Via Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan (with three different fan sources), the fan in question was also hurling racial taunts throughout the game, including yelling, "bye Trayvon," to a black Tigers fan while being ejected. So ripping the ball from a woman's hands, racism and ejection from ballpark -- it's the bad fan triple crown.

(GIF via Buzzfeed Sports)

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