GIFs: Matt Holliday did not have a good night

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The Cardinals have presently dropped six in a row, and over that span they've managed a total of just six runs scored. However, in Tueday night's loss to the Pirates -- their second loss of the day to the Pirates -- the glove of left fielder Matt Holliday was the leather-encased goat. 

First, this happened in the fifth inning of the eventual 6-0 Cardinals loss ... 

Home run: Andrew McCutchen. Assist: Holliday. Taunting from beyond the safety of the outfield fence: Some dude who reps so, so hard. 

Then the very next inning, this befell Mr. Holliday ... 

Triple: Josh Harrison. 

And for one night, Matt Holliday, an otherwise excellent ballplayer, was Matt Holliderp. 

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