God bless Vin Scully

Wanted to share a small moment from the other night:

Three of us are waiting for the elevator following a Dodgers-Angels series finale in Anaheim. Now, two of us, you don’t care about. The third is Vin Scully.

Scully is dapper as usual in a coat and tie, but we notice he’s wearing a brace on his left hand and wrist. Tendinitis, he says. He wears the brace every so often.

A joke or two is exchanged, and then Scully delivers -- as you would expect -- the perfect, self-deprecating line.

“I was telling somebody earlier that I should just tell people I’ve gotten interested in falconry,” he said, smiling broadly. “And I’m waiting for the bird.

“That would be a better story, wouldn’t it?”

Now, close your eyes and replay that quote again in your head, in Scully’s voice.

Beautiful. Falconry.

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