Is Kate Upton trolling (former boyfriend?) Justin Verlander?

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So to catch everyone up on this all-important (please, oh please, note the dripping sarcasm) series of news stories, let us recap:

1. Last summer, rumors arose that Tigers ace Justin Verlander and supermodel Kate Upton were dating.

2. Those rumors persisted for a while and the two never denied anything, even if they never admitted it.

3. In mid-February, Ms. Upton never specifically said anything about Verlander, but said, "I'm single right now."

4. Verlander took a picture with what he said was a pet tiger in late March.

And that leads to this, which seems a not-so-subtle jab at either Verlander or the rumor itself (click on the picture to see the full-size version, which is always recommended but even moreso when she's the subject):

So was she going after Verlander?

Who knows? Who cares? We got to see another picture of Kate Upton. So we all win.

Now, back to baseball.

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