It has been almost nine years since Miguel Cabrera had a bad month

Miguel Cabrera may be even better than you think. (USATSI)
Miguel Cabrera may be even better than you think. (USATSI)

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Tigers abuser of baseballs Miguel Cabrera has churned out plenty of impressive numbers over the course of his career. He is, of course, a career .321/.399/.571 hitter who also has a shot at claiming back-to-back AL MVPs and Triple Crowns. What might be overlooked, though, is Cabrera's utterly relentless consistency at the plate. 

So now consider this: It has been almost nine full seasons since Cabrera had a truly bad month at the plate. Nine seasons. Even the very best hitters -- Albert Pujols in his prime, for instance -- would spend at least one page of the calendar in an uncharacteristic funk, but Cabrera has proved immune to even that modest shortcoming for almost his entire career. 

Cabrera's last truly subpar month? That was back in September 2004, when the then-21-year-old Cabrera put up a .217/.294/.383 slash line for the Marlins. Since then just four times has Cabrera's OPS for a given month dipped below .800 -- August 2005 (.792), August 2007 (.793), June 2008 (.788) and July 2011 (.798). In each of those cases, however, the OPS in question was in the very high .700s and thus near the league mean (or even better than the league mean in a couple of instances) for Cabrera's position. Also keep in mind that Cabrera spent his Marlins years in a noted pitcher's park.

So, yes, that .677 OPS from September '04 was Cabrera's last genuinely poor month with the bat. Given the way he has been hitting lately, it seems likely that he'll make it a full decade without having a bad month. Let that notion breathe for a moment. 

It's one thing to author such incredible overall numbers and to never to play fewer than 157 games in a season since becoming a regular, as Cabrera has done. But it's something else altogether to flash such metronomic constancy at the plate. 

In conclusion, Miguel Cabrera is very good at his chosen profession. 

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