Jackie Robinson's Rookie of the Year award auctioned for over $400K

A month ago in this space, we pointed out that lelands.com was selling Jackie Robinson's 1947 NL Rookie of the Year award in an online auction.

Earlier this week, the auction concluded and someone purchased the iconic award -- which is now named for Robinson -- for a cool $401,968. It's good to be wealthy, eh?

In related news, there was also an original street sign from just outside Ebbets Field. Check it out, via lelands.com:

This went for $58,852.

Ebbets Field was home of the Dodgers in Brooklyn from 1913-1956. It was Robinson's home field when he won the aforementioned Rookie of the Year.

What a tandem the two items would be together in some sort of sports fan's ultimate man cave.

The top item was a rare Honus Wagner T206 card, which sold for $657,250.

For a full list of the items from largest selling price to smallest, click on through.

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