Just because: Babe Ruth's World War I draft card

Courtesy of presidential historian Michael Beschloss comes this priceless little artifact, which is Babe Ruth's World War I draft card dated 1917 ...

Much like Jackie Bradley Jr., Ruth's trade was base ball and he punched the clock at Fenway Park. As for the "married," part, well, for Ruth the institution was always a rough set of polite suggestions rather than anything binding. He'd try it a couple of times.

The Babe of course never sniffed combat, but some years later he would join up with the 104th Field Artillery Division of the New York Army National Guard, mostly for purposes of photo ops. Speaking of photo ops, here's the enlisted Bambino saluting General John J. Pershing (National Archives) ...

Is it me, or does the Babe look a bit like he's stifling a laugh?

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