Just Because: Box score with 82 runs, 74 hits, 20 errors

I can't even come close to imagining the hyperbole that would ensue should anything close to this happen in 2013. Then again, baseball is far different and there's no chance it would ever happen in a major-league game.

Anyway, check out this beautiful box score from an 1871 game between the Philadelphia Athletics and Troy Haymakers, thanks to the wonderful Retrosheet.org (via Trent McCotter on Twitter):

Yes, that's 82 runs on 74 hits with 20 errors. And being that it was the 1870s, this shouldn't surprise: Both starting pitchers went the distance.

Some more statistical goodness from the game:

  • There were 14 doubles, 10 triples and three home runs. 
  • There were 10 (!) passed balls.
  • The teams combined for 15 stolen bases.
  • One player -- a fine lad by the name of Dickie Flowers, a shortstop -- committed five errors.
  • The Troy pitcher, Mr. John McMullin, issued seven walks and didn't strike out a single Athletics player.
  • The Athletics got 53 men on base and scored 49 of them. Yes, only four men left on base all game. Amazing. 
  • The A's three-hole hitter, John Radcliff went 7 for 7 with two walks. Have a day!

Baseball in 1871. Gotta love it.

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