Just Because: Classic Barry Bonds vs. Eric Gagne duel

All-Time Single Season Teams: Giants | Dodgers

We just finished up our series on All-Time Single-Season teams with a fun day of simulations -- that was interrupted by some dude announcing that he'll retire after this season.

Anyway, the Giants featured one Barry Bonds in left field while the Dodgers' relievers were highlighted by Eric Gagne's all-time great 2003 season as closer. Bonds' season chosen was 2001 and the below video is from 2004, but both at this time were at the height of their craft.

Gagne had a three-run lead to play with, sure, but Bonds -- with one runner on base -- could trim the lead to one with just one swing of the bat. It was a power-on-power battle perhaps pitting the best power-armed closer in baseball against easily the best power hitter.

Observe the drama:

Don't turn around a 101 m.p.h. heater for a home-run length foul ball, Barry, and then follow it up with a bomb off another triple-digit pitch. Just don't. That isn't even fair. My goodness.

Now, let us play a fun game. Let's see how long we can go in just admiring the battle before someone in the comments section mentions PEDs!

Any bets on how long it'll take?

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