Just because: Doug Jones' 1991 Score card

When you ponder the denotations and connotations of former reliever Doug Jones, you are likely to arrive at two conclusions: He looked a bit like Craig Stadler, and he is necessarily the baseball surrogate for Vulcan, Roman god of fire and smithery.

Witness, if you have the time and inclination (and let it be said that you have both), Mr. Jones' 1991 Score baseball card, which is notable for its Promethean incriminations. ...

Who knew Jones, author of fastballs that can best be described as "lingering," was capable of setting cowhide aflame? So instinctual, so rote was this native ability that when Mr. Jones surveyed his powers, his countenance said not, "Look at what might I wield!" but rather, "I suppose the cable bill makes sense after all."

These powers made Doug Jones a great pitcher. Sometimes, though, he destroyed the very things he loved most.

(HT: NotGraphs)

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